The Zui Gadin is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as an enemy boss unit in Super Robot Wars Judgment.


In keeping with the medieval theme of the Fury, the Zui Gadin evokes the image of a suit of armor, with an overall design similar to a bigger, stronger version of the Raftclans. With a blood-red coloration and an enormous black sword, the Zui Gadin is the largest of any Fury unit. Only one Zui Gadin unit exists, being piloted by the head of the Fury Knights, Gu-Landon Gotz.

In times of crisis, the Zui Gadin is capable of transforming its body into an even larger demonic form, which can draw on massive amounts of energy from the Gau-La Furia directly, though this feature endangers the lives of every Fury sleeping within the Gau-La Furia. In this form, the Zui Gadin's arms and legs each separate and transform into a remote weapon, allowing it to attack using new stronger armaments. However, this form lacks the Orgone Cloud ability and is immobile, making it drastically inferior to its original form defensively. It compensates for this in part by being able to regenerate using Orgone energy until the Orgone Extractors surrounding it are destroyed.

It's origins differ in the OG series it was built during the conflict to as a replacement to Granteed after it was taken by E-Selda Shuin, but lacked Larseilam so Gu-Landon stabbed Karo-Ran and stole it from the Raftclans Karokuara, it is able to enter its draconic Bhaskar Mode at will without connecting to the Gau-La Furia and can produce an infinite number of Orgnite Mirages.

It is destroyed by Granteed Dracodeus's Infinity Calibur when Gu-Landon tried to self destruct and destroy the Gau-La Furia's reactor.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

As the core of Gau-La Furia, the Zui Gadin is only piloted by the leader of the Fury Knights himself, and is only deployed when all other options have been exhausted. It is capable of crushing vast enemy forces entirely on its own, packing an energy output far exceeding that of a battleship.

The Zui Gadin is essentially the big brother to the Raftclans. Its armaments are similar, though both stronger and less varied - as a result, the Raftclans is the more versatile machine, while the Zui Gadin relies mainly on brute strength to defeat its enemies. While the Zui Gadin is presumably equipped with the time-stopping Larseilam device, it is never shown to use it due to facing off against the protagonist, who is armed with a Larseilam Canceller. The Zui Gadin is also armed with a Cytron Control system and an Orgone Cloud, which acts as a barrier that can negate damage at times, allowing the machine to do a short time-space jump, effectively evading any attack thrown at it, no matter how accurate the attack is, and ignore terrain and enemy unit formations when moving.


Model Number: Unknown

Height: 96.8 meters (OG Moon Dwellers)

Weight: 547.4 tons (OG Moon Dwellers)

Weapon Systems (First Form):

  • Orgone Vanishing Sword
    A powerful sword designed for close combat. Unlike the Laftkranz, the sword is the primary mode and requires no Orgone energy to form the blades. Against a single target, the Zui Gadin jumps to the target using the Orgone Cloud and stabs using the sword, before venting a large amount of Orgone energy that paralyzes the target within a "bubble", at which point the Zui Gadin jumps upward, charges its sword with Orgone energy and delivers a downward slash. The sword can also be used for simple slashes against a group of enemies in a line, with the proper skill.
  • Orgone Wave Cannon
    The Zui Gadin's MAP weapon, wherein massive amounts of Orgone energy are channeled into its forearms before being released outward in a wide-area blast. The attack hits all enemies surrounding the Zui Gadin.
  • Orgone Viper Rifle
    The Zui Gadin's sword splits open into a rifle-like configuration, though it is still held like a sword. The rifle fires a large continuous beam of energy similar to the Laftkranz's Orgone Rifle Final Mode.
  • Orgone Material Geyser
    The Zui Gadin charges its Orgone Vanishing Sword with Orgone energy, turning it bright green in color. The sword flies towards the target and separates into six components which attack the opponent from all directions before reforming into the complete sword for a finishing slash.

Weapon Systems (Second Form):

  • Orgone Phantom Blaze
    The transformed Zui Gadin's MAP weapon. Massive amounts of Orgone energy are channeled throughout the frame, before the Zui Gadin roars, releasing so much power as to rip the earth around it asunder.
  • Orgone Vertical Fang
    The Zui Gadin's upper claws are charged with Orgone energy, causing them to expand and become coated in crystallized Orgone energy. Each claw in turn rushes the opponent at such high speed as to leave a trail of afterimages, until the crystal coatings break and the claws teleport away. This attack has the longest range of any weapon in the game.
  • Orgone Satellite Spark
    The Zui Gadin's lower claws are charged with Orgone energy, causing them to perform an Orgone Cloud jump away. Each claw begins teleporting around the target while firing repeated energy beams, creating the illusion of there being many more remote weapons than there actually are.
  • Orgone Material Geyser
    The only weapon the Zui Gadin keeps between forms. The Zui Gadin summons its Orgone Vanishing Sword and charges it with Orgone energy, turning it bright green in color. The sword flies towards the target and separates into six components which attack the opponent from all directions before reforming into the complete sword for a finishing slash.
  • Orgone Genocide Burning
    The Zui Gadin charges itself with so much Orgone energy that it begins to vent it, before loosing a roar that causes the ground to become covered in Orgone energy crystals. The crystals break free from the ground and are transformed by the Zui Gadin into an army of black Laftkranz units as it launches all four of its claws. Using their own Orgone Clouds to teleport and surround the target, the Laftkranz copies fire their Orgone Rifles in concert, battering the target before it's caught and crushed by the lower claws of the Zui Gadin. As the target is thrown up into outer space by the lower claws, it's tackled by the upper claws, which drive it downward through Earth's atmosphere. The target is driven into the ground with a final wave of energy so intense that the explosion is visible from space. This attack has the distinction of having the longest and most complex attack animation in the entire game.

Video GalleryEdit

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