Zelvoid Vast

Zelvoid Vast

Zelvoid Vast is Fictional Mecha that appears in the Super Robot Taisen series, it appears as an enemy mecha in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin 3.


While similar to Zelvoid it varies in appearance, it's more of a dark gray rather then the dark Violet of Zelvoid with white parts on its shoulders and wings, it only has only one set of wings and lacks a tail. Its sword, the Proof Blade is a serrated edged sword with a bright red blade.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

Zelvoid Vast is an attempt to recreate the Zelvoid using the current technologies and alchemy available. It is blessed with the power of Fell the void spirit and has no Elemental properties. It's weapons include the Phlogiston Bullet, the handheld sword Proof Blade and the chest mounted Void Blaster. At full output the Vast is capable of fighting a Masou Kishin on even ground but at the risk of violently exploding. The Zelvoid Vast is first seen by the Anteris Corps fighting members of the Cult of Volkruss with Soun Zan Bakium at the controls, and later they are used by an Anti Anteris Corps group.


Height: 28.48m probably

Weight: Unknown

Weapon Systems:

  • Phlogiston Bullet:
    The Vast summons several void shots and launches them at the target.
  • Proof Blade:
    The Vast readies its sword and slashes the target twice.
  • Void Blaster:
    A massive amount of Void energy is charged into the cannon in the Vasts chest and it fires a massive yellow beam at the target.
  • Chidori Mai:
    A Jingi Mukyuu Ryu sword technique used by Soun Zan Bakium, he focuses the power of Fell into the Proof Blade and launches 3 birds of void flame at the target, they slam into the target and then Soun cleaves the target and leaps away before its engulfed in a piller of violet fire. Elan Zenosaksis used this technique as a base along with Masaki's Shinden Ranbu no Tachi to create Zelvoid's ultimate attack, Musou Chidori Mai.

Video GalleryEdit

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