The Zelvoid is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Taisen series. It debuted in the second game of the Masoukishin saga, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masoukishin Revelation of Evil God as an antagonist and rival to Cybuster. It is piloted by Elan Zenosakis, a descendant of the Zenosakis bloodline and relative of Zeoorot Zan Zenosakis, Masaki Andoh's step father.


The Zelvoid is a bird-like, black humanoid mecha. Some parts of its body, such as the interior part of its armor, are colored green or gray, It has red in its crest and other parts of the body, It has one hand red and the other gray, The Zelvoid's claws are yellow and has three pairs of wings extending from its back, and a tail that becomes the head of its bird-cruising form. It is armed with a mecha-sized broadsword.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

A mysterious ancient masouki that rivals the powers of All Masoukishin. Is the only known masouki blessed by the high-ranking void spirit Zelv, and does not hold any elemental properties.

It is revealed in Masoukishin II that the Cybuster was based on the design of the Zelvoid, an ancient mass produced mecha used in the past to defeat Volkruss for the first time. In fact, Cybuster resembles a good version of Zelvoid, and some weapons of Zelvoid are very similar to the weapons of Cybuster. Like the Cybuster, the Zelvoid can transform into a fast cruising bird mode.

Its unknown what kind of relation Cybuster has with Zelvoid, however. Its creator, Wendy, doesn't remember how she created Cybuster, since she was possessed during that period of time by the spirit of her evil twin, Tuddy.

There seems to be more than one Zelvoid-type masouki that existed in the past, as some of the Zelvoids have been seen in ancient ruins and temples, though the only one confirmed to be functional so far is Elan's Zelvoid.

In Masoukishin F:Coffin of the End, Elan says and recall that during the Dark History of Ra Gias , At the First time of chaos where Titans were rising and invade.


Height: 28.48m probably

Weight: Unknown

Weapon Systems:

  • Void Regression:
    Fires a large, spherical burst of Dark Void Prana, damaging all units surrounding it in a large area including Zelvoid (This was altered in in Masou Kishin 3). Very similar to Cybuster's Cyflash.
  • Phlogiston Missile:
    Fires dark prana energy projectiles.while in Possesion Mode ,it fires 2 times .
  • Strain Grave:
    Uses its broadsword to attack with a vertical, straight slash.In Possesion Mode , the Enemy was slashed and resulting to explode in a red prana vortex.
  • Astral Ruiner:
    The Zelvoid draws a hexagram in mid-air and then shatters it with its sword, summoning a Dark Akashic Flame Bird. Then Zelvoid would rush forwards and transform in its jet bird mode, merging with the Akashic bird, making the flames change to a blue light, and then crush with high speed. Very similar to the upgraded form of Cybuster's Akashic Buster.
  • Musou Chidori Mai (夢想千鳥舞):
    A Jingi Mukyuu Ryu Ougi created by Elan Zenosaksis using Masaki's Shinden Ranbu no Tachi and Soun's Chidori Mai as inspiration, Zelvoid charges the power of Zelv into its left hand them summons a elemental Hexagram circle it then slashes the circle summoning 6 Akashic birds of flame and Zelvoid flies off following them, All Akashic birds strike the target in sequence followed by a back hand slash by Zelvoid who then strikes the target downward with the Akashic birds chasing after it, the Akashic birds one by one hit the target causing an explosion of Prana and Zelvoid slams into the target causing the energy to take the form of a large Akashic Flame Bird striking the target into the ground causing a massive explosion. This attack can only be used while Zelvoid is in its possession mode.

Video GalleryEdit

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