Zamzeed is the Earth Masoukishin of La Gias, whose patron is the high-ranked earth spirit, Zamuuj which is one of the 16 Original Masouki developed by Wendy. The protection of the Earth spirit gives it a regeneration ability, as well as tough defense in exchange for mobility. 


Technical And HistoricalEdit

On its left arm, it is equipped with an oscillation generator that allows it to stun enemies momentarily, or generate earthquakes. and within its weapon bay it also stores 3 familiars. Originally it is piloted by Ricardo Silveira until his death by the hands of Rubica Hakkinen. Later it falls under the hands of the Shutedonias Alliance and is piloted by General Rodney Jesha during the Upper Earth Mass Summoning incident, but only under the constriction of a command geis. Its possession by Shutedonias would end at the hands of a 15 year old aikido and gag-master Mio Sasuga. Like Cybuster, Zamzeed is not its real name. After finally speaking with Zamuuj, Mio is able to activate Possession at will, drawing out Zamzeed's full potential.


Height: 28.48m

Weight: 40.5t

Full Weight: 81.5t.

Video GalleryEdit

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