Mugen no Frontier Xiaomu
Name Xiaomu
Age 765
Appearances Namco X Capcom
Mugen no Frontier
Mugen no Frontier EXCEED
Seiyuu Omi Minami

Xiaomu (小牟) is an agent of the Shinra organization on Earth who first debuted in the action/tactical RPG, Namco X Capcom for the Playstation 2 as one of it's protagonists. She is a 765-year-old Chinese kitsune and Reiji Arisu's partner.

Namco X CapcomEdit

Mugen no FrontierEdit

Mugen no Frontier EXCEEDEdit


Video GalleryEdit


Just like how Reiji was based on Kyosuke Nanbu, her character was based on Excellen Browning.

Due to being over 700 years old, she is often a victim of jokes that mock her for her age.

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