Wing Gundam

Wing Gundam (SRWF)

Wing Gundam is mobile suit in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing. Wing Gundam appears in SRWF as a boss and recruitable mecha. Heero Yuy is its pilot.


Boss Stats (SRWF)


HP 5700
EN 200
Power 100
Armor 1900
Limit 370



Name Damage Range Hit
Vulcan Cannons (20 rounds) 1000 1 +30%
(10 rounds) 1500 1~5 0%
Beam Sword 1700 1 +15%
Mega Particle Beam Cannon 2500 1~7 -10%
Mega Particle Beam Cannon (MAP Attack) (3 rounds) 2700 1~7 -10%

Video GalleryEdit

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