The Wild Falken is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears as a playable unit in the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha, the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden.


The Wild Falken is a thin humanoid figure that is colored in almost all light blue. It has white in various areas (notably the top of the shoulders, the wrists, ankles, and wings) and dark blue (noticeably around the stomach area as well as the knees). The cockpit hatch is designated by being colored red.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The Wild Falken is one of the latest Personal Troopers developed by Mao Industries. The purpose of this unit is high-speed performance while utilizing long-range attack bombardments. The unit is very similar to that of the Weiss Ritter, in terms of its attacking and development style. The Ochstan Rifle uses a ball cartridge for its solid rounds and beam energy cartridge to launch energy shots. This unit also has a Tesla Drive to maintain flight. An additional feature of the Falken is its "TBS (Twin Bird Strike) Mode", where it can spread its wings in order to perform the Twin Bird Strike attack along with the Wild Wurger. The full designated name of the unit is the PTX-016 (alternatively, PTX-016-R) Wild Falken ("Falken" is German for the bird Falcon).

Seolla Schweizer is handed this unit by the Titans in Alpha 2 and serves as her unit. In Original Generation 2, she hijacks it from the Earth Federation Army. In both games, however, she ends up defecting to join her friend Arado Balanga, pilot of the Wild Wurger.

Mao Industries had built another Wild Falken unit as well, the PTX-016-L Wild Falken L. This unit is colored in shades of red rather than blue. While this unit appears to be the same as the R unit, its operating system was not ready when Arado steals it in his escape, while the Hiryu Custom defends Serevis City from the Inspectors. Since it uses an unsuitable system, it is hard to control the Wild Falken L and operates as a common close-to-middle range unit, instead of a long range support unit. Arado eventually supports the Hiryu Custom to fight the aliens, but the Wild Falken L is destroyed by the monstrous Inspector unit Gargaw.


Height: 21.7 meters

Weight: 50.0 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Vulcan Guns
    In the head there are a pair of small-caliber guns.
  • Roche Saber
    This is the Wild Falken's only melee weapon. It is a beam saber projected from the forearms.
  • Split Missile H
    These are missiles that can split into much smaller missiles. They are stored in the knees and in the shoulders.
  • Ochstan Rifle
    The Ochstan Rifle attacks vary from game to game. The Ochstan Rifle has a ball cartridge to fire solid rounds similar to a railgun. As an energy beam weapon, it can fire beam machinegun rounds or beam cannon rounds. In Alpha 2/3, the first Ochstan Rifle attack is firing a single shot from each mode while the second attack is a barrage of attacks from the rifle in each mode. In its Original Generation incarnation, the Ochstan Rifle attacks are "Ochstan Rifle B" (it fires in ballistic mode using solid rounds), "Ochstan Rifle E" (it fires in energy mode using beam shots), and "Ochstan Rifle D" (it fires a barrage of attacks using both modes).
  • Twin Bird Strike
    Seolla and Arado's signature combination attack. The Wild Wurger purges its Jacket Armor and expands its wings, while the Wild Falken activate its TBS Mode. Both units mobilize at high speeds, confusing the enemy. The Falken begins to fire its Ochstan Rifle B attack from a higher altitude. The Wurger moves in, and grabs the enemy with its Stag Beetle Crusher. Lifting the enemy up, the Falken fires more rounds from its Oxtongue Rifle B, and ends with a single round of the Ochstan Rifle E attack. The enemy is released from the crusher, but is hit back by the attack from the Wurger. With one final strike, both units deal the cutting attack with their respective wings, finishing the enemy.


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