The Werkbau is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Taisen series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3.



The Werkbau

Designed by Shin Megami Tensei visual artist, Kazuma Kaneko, the Werkbau has the general appearance of a suit of Gothic plate armor, crossed with some kind of beetle. Its general color scheme is jet-black with brown and gold highlights, with gray coloring on its neck and stripes on its legs and thrusters.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

After the final battle against the Aerogaters in Super Robot Taisen Alpha, Ingram Prisken and the Astranagant vanished. During the period between Alpha and Alpha 3, the Ze Balmary Empire continued developments in its cloning projects, which included clones of Ingram, in hopes that they could revive him in that form. This eventually lead to the creation of a clone, Ayin.

Ayin was sent on a mission to infiltrate the Alpha Numbers on Earth, but was soon attacked by the Astranagant. The Astranagant ended up fusing with Ayin's Valk Ben to become the Werkbau, and in the process , erased his memory, leaving him only a clue  with the name Cobray Gordon which strangely given and known by his allies including the ability to pilot the Werkbau. Once he was found by the Alpha Numbers, they attempted to examine the Werkbau to determine its origin. Afraid of the raw power it was capable of, they placed Cobray in another machine, until they could determine if it was safe or not.

In its half-complete state, the Werkbau excels at ranged combat. Possessing no melee weapons to speak of (even though there is a small blade located in the gun), it easily fills the role that of a combat sniper, many of its weapons are almost similar to the Dis Astranagant (in both appearance and execution), thus it can be assumed to be a prototype of the Dis Astranagant. It would eventually morph into the Dis Astranagant, once Cobray receives the title of Time Diver.


Model Number: Unknown

Height: 19.3 meters

Weight: 42.8 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Twin Raam Rifle
    The Werkbau fires a beam shot followed by a ballistic shot from its handheld rifle. Lineart shows that the Twin Raam Rifle actually has a bayonet underneath the twin barrels, but this weapon is not used in combat.
  • Gun Slave
    Remote weapons similar to funnel weapons from the Mobile Suit Gundam series. These weapons are stored on the back of the Werkbau and maintain flight using small thrusters. They can work together to bombard an enemy with ballistic rounds, attacking from multiple directions. Assumed to have been the original Astranagant's Gun Familiars.
  • Emeth Asher (Emeth = "Truth" in Hebrew)
    Two large cannons mounted on the backpack of the Werkbau that can flip over the shoulders to assume firing position, unfolding long-barrels from the tips. Energy builds up for a few moments before launching forward and easily piercing multiple targets.
  • Axion Buster
    A huge targeting array opens from the Werkbau’s chest, charging energy along an exposed energy generator. The energy builds up along the molecular level before launching forward and pummeling the enemy in cosmic energies. This sequence is reminiscent of a galaxy forming. Assumed to have been the original Astranagant's Axion Cannon.

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  • The Werkbau's theme song is "Another Time Diver", While  Ingram Plisken's theme song, "Time Diver".