• Name: Wendolo
  • AKA: Wendolo
  • Voice Actor: Makoto Takasaka (Classic Timeline), Yuki Kaida (OGs)
    Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector - 11 - Large 17
  • Status: Zuvorg; deceased
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Affiliations: Inspectors (3, OG 2/OGs)
  • Relatives and Personal Affiliations: Mekibos (Brother)
  • Mecha: Dikastes (3, OG 2/OGs)
  • Theme Song: Armageddon (3), Violent Battle (OG 2), Sabaku Mono, Sabakareru Mono (The Judge And The Judged; OGs)


Super Robot Taisen 3(Snes) - Final Battle Neo Granzon Transformation06:22

Super Robot Taisen 3(Snes) - Final Battle Neo Granzon Transformation

Wendolo is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He has appeared as an enemy character in Super Robot Wars 3, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 and Super Robot Wars Original Generations.

The leader of the five Inspectors, Wendolo is the younger brother to Mekibos, another member of the group. Appearing like a child, Wendolo keeps up a sinister smile, even during hard times, and rarely opens his eyes, similar to Bleach's Gin Ichimaru. His stubborn attitude and belief that humans are barbaric in nature and their own technology will one day be their downfall is what motivates him and his goal to subjugate the Earth. In Super Robot Wars 3, Wendolo stayed behind the scenes, appearing only when the protagonists have pushed back the Inspectors' army. In the Original Generation universe, he would relocate to the White Star and set up a base of operations there, after the sudden appearance of the Einst forced the Inspectors out from their North American occupation. Wendolo would also strike a bargain with the Shadow-Mirror, in order to deal with the extraterrestrial Einst.



When the Earth Federation Army met with Wendolo and his Dikastes inside the White Star, Mekibos showed up with his Graterkin, attempting to dissuade his brother from continuing his campaign against the Earthlings, even trying to disable his machine. However, Wendolo anticipated Mekibos' betrayal, and had his Graterkin rigged with an explosive device, effectively killing his brother without mercy. Wendolo would be defeated, but not before echoing his statement that humans would eventually destroy themselves, rather than extraterrestrials doing the deed, instead.

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