Weiss Saviour

Weibsaviour is the personal unit of Lemon Browning, that is named after Excellen Browning's Rein Weiss Ritter. Its designation is ASK-AD02-2.


Height: 24.7m

Weight: 56.1t


  • Burning Dagger
    These are homing missiles, or perhaps micro-missiles, stored in and released from the shoulders.
  • Halberd Launcher
    The Halberd Shooter is a hand-held multi-beam launcher. The weapon is unique in that it opens up after it is pulled out, resembling a tuning fork with a pistol grip. Energy gathers as a ball between the tines, before being fired at the target as multiple beams.
  • Over Oxtongue Rifle
    The O.O Rifle is the same weapon used by the Rapiéçage, derived from the main guns of the Weiss Ritter and Wild Falken.
  • Solid Sword Breakers
    The Sword Breakers launches several remote weapons resembling fin funnels from the Weiss Saviour's body. These weapons then circle the target, firing beams at it before edging closer and slashing it from all angles, similar to the R-3's Strike Shield attack. After firing this weapon, the Weiss Saviour's body looks bare, as if stripped of armor.

Video GalleryEdit

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