The Vaisaga (ヴァイサーガ Vaisāga/Vysaga?) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Taisen series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Taisen Advance and Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden, and as a secret unit in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 and Super Robot Taisen Original Generations.



VR-02 Vysaga's concept art

The Vaisaga's easily noticed feature is its billowing red cape. Its color scheme is predominantly blue and its design is based on a ninja, with its physical decoration reminiscent of the Soulgain's.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The Vaisaga's design is based on the Vairose from Super Robot Wars 64. This is reflected in the model number of the Vaisaga: VR-02, or possibly, VaiRose-02. Most things about it are, as of now, still unknown, but its controls are registered so that only Lamia Loveless or Axel Almer can pilot it. This is changed in Original Generation Gaiden, where only Lamia is able to pilot it, although this is left ambiguous, seeing that even Axel could not pilot the Ash Saver when he joins for good. However, in Second Original Generation, Axel is capable of piloting both.

The Vaisaga is equipped with a variety of weapons: kunai shurikens, wrist-mounted claws, and its main weapon, a sheathed sword. The red cape can also serve as a functional shield: if hit, it will pull its cape, defending itself. Though this ability was available in Advance, it was not present in Original Generation 2.


Height: 43.9 meters

Weight: 130.8 tons

Weapons Systems:
2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generations - Ashsavior, Angelg, & Vysaga

2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generations - Ashsavior, Angelg, & Vysaga

Ashsavior, Angelg, & Vysaga all attacks

  • 烈火刃 (Rekkajin)
    The Vaisaga launches several kunai at the target. After a few seconds, the kunai stuck in the target explode. This attack can target multiple enemies, as seen in Original Generations.
  • 水流爪牙 (Suiryū Sōga)
    The Vaisaga reveals a pair of wrist-mounted claws and proceeds to slash the enemy. This is a chain attack in Original Generation 2, which allows the Vaisaga to hit enemies if they are lined up in a row or column.
  • 地斬疾空刀 (Jizan Shikkūtō)
    The Vaisaga unsheathes its sword and performs a quick swipe, creating a wind front that cuts the enemy. In Original Generations, the Vaisaga would charge its sword beforehand, unsheathe the weapon, creating the wind front, returns the sword to the sheath, and with a quick swipe, sends the wind front towards the target.
  • 風刃閃 (Fūjinsen)
    The Vaisaga rushes forward, faster than the eye can follow, and does a quick unsheathe and slash at point blank range, right in front of the enemy. In Advance, this is the Vaisaga's strongest attack, until the pilot reaches level 20. In Original Generations, the sword is charged with a wind-like energy, and as the Vaisaga flies high into the sky, it unleashes the energy in the form of a swirling funnel, trapping the enemy within and tearing the earth apart. The Vaisaga then dives vertically towards the target, piercing the enemy with its sword. The Vaisaga quickly pulls out the sword, before the enemy explodes.
  • 奥義・光刃閃 (Ōgi - Kōjinsen)
    The Vaisaga performs the same motions as the Fuujinsen, with the only difference being where the Vaisaga ends up. In the Ougi: Koujinsen, the Vaisaga ends up behind the opponent. This is the Vaisaga's most powerful attack. This can be used in Advance as well, serving as a critical strike for Fuujinsen. In Original Generations, the Vaisaga's limiters are released, going into overdrive. Dashing straight towards its enemy, it delivers a multitude of slashes, effectively paralyzing the target. As a final strike, the Vaisaga readies itself and swiftly slices the enemy horizontally in half.


  • In Original Generation 2, a Vaisaga was fused with Machine Cells by Egret Feff in his attempt to create a super robot even more powerful than the Thrudgelmir, but the attempt failed.
  • In Super Robot Taisen Advance, in the Super Robot route, Vaisaga will be the mecha of the character not picked as the protagonist if player choose Angelg or Soulgain.