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The Vorlent(ヴォルレント) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars J only and as enemy unit in Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers.


In keeping with the knightly theme of the Fury, the Vorlent looks like a suit of medieval armor. The Fury standard issue is painted predominantly white, while the one that the protagonist use is mainly purple.

Only in Super Robot Wars J Vorlent is piloted by either Touya Shiun or Calvina Coulange, the two original pilots in the game. They are assisted by Festenia Muse, Katia Grignarl and Melua Melna Meia, though only one of them can accompany the pilot in battle. The main pilot handles attacking and combat, while the subpilot handles the rest of the functions. In Fury deployments, Vorlents are usually piloted by those that are very close to attaining Knight status, meaning pilots of exceptional skill.

Technical And Historical Edit

In an attempt to infiltrate human society and begin planting the seeds for their eventual domination, the Fury sent several of their knights undercover with the intention of working alongside the humans and learn about their technology. Two of these knights were Al-Van Ranks and his subordinate, Jua-Mu Dalby. During that time, they began working on Ashalley Kreutzer's project of mobile weapon development. The data they collected would be later used in creating their prototype mobile weapons. Later, Al-Van led the attack to destroy the facility, with the intention of annihilating all traces of the project for the Fury. However, one staff managed to survive: Calvina Coulange.

Franz Zeppelin was a human who was involved in the Vorlent's construction (as well as the Bellzelute, Coustwell and Granteed, depending on which machine the player chooses to use in the beginning of the game). He was a good friend of Touya Shun's father. At some point, he and El-Selda Shun, Touya's father, decided to betray the Fury and provide some hope to the Earth by helping Festenia, Katia and Melua escape from their confinement. Knowing his life wouldn't last long, he programmed a disk with his artificial intelligence, so the pilot of whichever machine was chosen, could ask about his purpose.

The three subpilots managed to escape. However due to their poor piloting abilities, they could not escape far enough without being caught. In the end, they crashed near the protagonist's whereabouts (in Touya's route, they would crash land in his school during one of Dr. Hell's attacks; in Calvina's route, they would appear while the Nadesico is engaged in combat). During the commotion, the Vorlent makes a reaction to the protagonists. Touya or Calvina are forced by the circumstances to pilot the mech, and turn out to be particularly adept at it. Later, they become the lone pilots allowed to utilize the machine.

The Vorlent would serve as the protagonists' personal mech for first half of the game. However, during the fight to protect Orb, it would become heavily damage in a battle with Al-Van's Raftclans. The Vorlent would later be upgraded into the Raftclans.

The Vorlent is armed with an energy sword, a beam rifle and a long-range beam weapon. The Vorlent is designed for all-range combat. It is fairly agile, considering its size, and is well-protected with good armor and equipped with a shield. It is flight capable, both in space and in an atmosphere.

There are two pieces of special equipment present in the Vorlent. The first is the Larseilam Canceller, a device which negates the Fury's ability to stop time, their favorite tactic when engaging enemies and leaving no evidence of survivors. The second is a Cytron Control system, which allows a subpilot to interface with the machine and enhance its performance in various ways, depending on the subpilot. Like all high-class Fury units, the Vorlent is also equipped with the Orgone Cloud ability, which acts as a barrier that can negate damage at times, allowing the machine to do a short time-space jump, effectively evading any attack thrown at it, no matter how accurate the attack is, and ignore terrain and enemy unit formations when moving. The other three starting units, the Bellzelute, the Coustwell and the Granteed can do this as well, but only after being upgraded to their second form.


Model Number: Unknown

Height: 30.0 meters

Weight: 45 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Beam Rifle
    The Fury units have weapon systems similar to ones used by the Earth forces. This weapon is a particular example. It is identical to the beam rifle used by the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED units in the game, down to the shot animation and appearance.
  • Energy Sword
    The Vorlent creates a blade out of Orgone energy, then proceeds to slash the enemy three times. This attack can also be used against a group of enemies in a line, with the proper skill.
  • Long-Range Beam
    The Vorlent pulls out another gun, one that must be fired from a stationary position. This is the strongest attack available to the Vorlent, and has the greatest range. Its power pales in comparison to the other three starting mecha's strongest moves, though.

Video GalleryEdit

Super Robot Taisen OG The Moon Dwellers ~Volrent Jua-Mu Custom All Attacks~

Super Robot Taisen OG The Moon Dwellers ~Volrent Jua-Mu Custom All Attacks~


  • While the Bellzelute, the Coustwell and the Granteed are initially available for the player to choose from and use, the Vorlent is not. However, it can be unlocked by completing the game three times, once for each unit.