• Voltes V

    Voltes V

    58 meters
  • Weight
    600 tons
  • Flight Speed
    Mach 20
  • Components
    Volt Cruiser (head), Volt Bomber (arms), Volt Panzer (torso), Volt Frigate (legs), Volt Lander (feet)


  • Chain Knuckle
    A chain attached mace from within each arm.
  • Gatling Missiles
    Missiles from the fingers.
  • Grand Fire
    A flamethrower from the belt buckle.
  • Voltes Bazooka
    A bazooka in each wrist, right one is used much more often.
  • Voltes Beam
    A purple beam from the chest. It can also fire a smaller green version.
  • Ultra magnetic Whip (Chōdenji String)
    Both metal belts, used to launch super electromagnetic tops although they can also be used as whips.
  • Ultra magnetic Tops (Chōdenji Goma)
    A pair of bladed tops stored in the chest that can home in on targets.
  • Sword of Heaven/Laser Sword (Tenkūken)
    A sword stored on the chest, summons lightning to make itself more powerful. Starting in episode 25 it can also throw super electromagnetic balls to hold targets in place.

Combination AttackEdit

  • Choudenji Spin V no Jigiri
    Combattler V creates an energy tornado that keeps its opponent in place for a short period of time. Somtimes, Voltes V helps Comabattler V firing a Super Electromaganetic Ball at the same opponent with its sword. In all versions, Voltes V holds the opponent in place with a Tenkuuken V no Jigiri. Combattler V proceeds to spin extremely fast, turn its body into a large drill of lightning, and ram itself through the vulnerable opponent.
  • Choudenjii Reppu Seikenzuki
    Combattler V forms a tangible energy trail from its chest and Voltes V fires a Super Electromaganetic Ball at the same opponent with its sword. Daimos rides on the energy trail to the opponent and launches a powerful punch which shatters the enemy robot's interior as the fist goes through the enemy.

Video GalleryEdit

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