Vindel Mauser
Super Robot Wars Advance character
Voiced by Hideyuki Umezu (Japanese)
Gender Male
Species Human
Date of death 179 (S.E)
Military History
Affiliations Shadow-Mirror (Advance, OG2/OGs), Neo Divine Crusaders (OG2/OGs)
Rank Colonel
Units Piloted Zweizergain (Advance, OG 2/OGs)

Vindel Mauser is the supreme commander of the Shadow-Mirrors, who in his own dimension, were a special missions task force in the Earth Federation Army. Vindel believes that peace causes stagnation and decay in humanity, and, using the takeover of his universe's Earth by aliens (Explicitly stated to be the Zuvorg Alliance's Inspectors in Original Generation canon) as an example, managed to convince a large number of military personnel to follow him in his mission to create an endless war so that humanity can rapidly evolve and develop new technology.

After gathering enough military force, he attacked the Tesla-Leicht Institute, which had created the System-XN dimensional teleporter as part of his master plan to attack other dimensions, conquer them, and use the acquired military force to return to his own world and do the same, repeating the process to create his desired infinite conflict. However, Helios Olympus, the project's head and also the core to both of the System-XN units, had escaped to the Original Generation universe ahead of Vindel's arrival.

Vindel found that he was still able to use the System-XN without Gilliam, but to a very limited degree. He had one of the two System-XN units, the Argeius, built into his personal mecha, the Super Robot Zweizergain, and warped his followers to, depending on the game, either an offshoot of the original SRW timeline (As chronicled in Super Robot Wars Advance), or the Original Generation timeline, where he continued to chase after Gilliam and use him to fuel his ambition. Using the Shadow-Mirror's already established tactic of blending into enemy society so as not to arouse suspicion, he joined up with Van Vat Tran and was instrumental in providing manpower and military equipment to Vat Tran's Neo Divine Crusaders while secretly conducting his search for Gilliam as well as inducting both Neo DC and EFA officers into the Shadow-Mirror, slowly building up his power once again.

During Operation Plantagenet, the Shadow-Mirror finally broke away from the Neo DC and allied themselves with the Inspectors, taking control of the Earth Cradle facility in the process. However, a surprise invasion by the Einst caught his army off guard, allowing the forces of the Hagane and Hiryuu Custom to reclaim both the Earth Cradle, and the Inspector-occupied Moon Cradle, eventually cornering them at the Inspectors' base of operations, the former Balmarian super weapon Neviim. After the defeat of the Inspectors, Vindel and the remaining Shadow-Mirror forces engaged the EFA in Neviim's central core. Despite all his plotting and scheming, Vindel was unable to overcome the Hagane and Hiryuu crews' will to create a peaceful future, and the Shadow-Mirrors were obliterated. Following this, Vindel attempted to escape by using the System-XN, but was disabled by the Shadow-Mirror defector, Lamia Loveless, and sent into a rift between the dimensions due to Gilliam fulfilling his intended role as System-XN's core. He has not been seen since and is presumed dead.

Theme Music Edit

  • Chaos - Default theme in all appearances.