YSF-34 Vegalion

The Vegalion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears as a playable unit in the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha and the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha, and is one of the two component machines that combine to form the Hyperion. The Vegalion's namesake is derived from a heavenly body, specifically, the star Vega.


The Vegalion's body is dominated by the sharp, aerodynamic lines common to most Armored Modules. Its most distinctive feature is the two G-Accelerator Driver nacelles on either side of its main fuselage, attached near the cockpit. Painted in Sleigh Presty's personal color scheme, the Vegalion is decorated in red, with small highlights of black and gold.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The official successor to the YSF-33 Calion created by Filio Presty, the Vegalion is the ultimate in fighter-designed Armored Modules. Thanks to its Twin Tesla Drives, it even outclasses the Altairion, in terms of speed and acceleration. However, the Vegalion's large size make it less capable of performing precision maneuvers.

Created as one of two main prototypes of Project Terrestrial Dream, the YSF-34 Vegalion is a high-performance machine intended mainly for space flight and combat and built at the Tesla Leicht Institute. All of the Vegalion’s weapons are internalized, and the extreme speed of the machine makes it unsuitable for average pilots, but its fighter jet-like role of mid- to long-range bombardment means it is relatively more simple to pilot than the multi-purpose Altairion, which requires two pilots. The Vegalion remains in the hands of Sleigh Presty, after she steals the machine following her brother's death, using it as a means of her rivalry with fellow Project Terrestrial Dream team member, Ibis Douglas. As the events of the Sealing War in unfolds, the unitis used at its full potential and eventually combines with Ibis' Altairion to form the Hyperion.

Vegalion SpecificationsEdit

Length: 44.8 meters

Weight: 79.5 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 110mm GG Cannon
    A pair of machine cannons mounted on the upper portion of the large casings near each wingtip. The “GG” stands for “Gravity Guidance.”
  • CTM-05 Pleiades
    A large missile that splits into a multitude of smaller missiles in order saturate a wide area.
  • CTM-07 Prominence
    Long-range missiles stored in the lower portion of the casings.
  • G-Brake Driver
    The tips of each nacelle are retracted to reveal the barrels of two high-powered railguns, capable of hitting targets beyond even the Prominence missiles' range.
  • CTM-09 Seiphard
    High yield warheads stored within the wings for long range tactical bombardments.

Video GalleryEdit

2nd Super Robot Wars OG Vegalion All Attacks

2nd Super Robot Wars OG Vegalion All Attacks