The Valstork is a battleship-class vessel that appears in Super Robot Wars W. Its the first Banpresto Original battleship to appear outside of the Original Generation series.


The Valstork is a needle-shaped vessel with two large engine nacelles in the rear, and an elevated bridge at the top. It is primarily white in color with blue in the midsection.


The Valstork is a ship that has been in the Ardygun family for three generations. It was discovered on or near the planet Mars by the father of Blessfield Ardygun, and from there passed on to Bless, who used it as a Space Pirate and eventually a Trailer.

In Space Calendar Year 99, the Ardygun family is recruited into the organization "Warter", where it serves alongside the Nergal Heavy Industries battleship Nadecisco. During the Warter's campaign against the 27 Primevals, it uncovered new abilities, culminating in the formation Pattern Cross, which allows it to combine with the Valhawk and transform into Valguard.

In SC 100, Both ship captain Blessfield and Valguard pilot Kazuma Ardygun go missing in the wake of an attack by Scientia, and the Warter is temporarily disbanded in the wake of the Bloody Valentine Incident. The captaincy of the Valstork passes on to Blessfield's oldest child Shihomi, who spends the next six months returning the family to the Trailer business. During a series of conflicts with the invading Radam and Evoluders, the criminal organization BioNet, and getting caught up in events of the Bloody Valentine War, Kazuma returns to the ship, and the family eventually rejoins the reformed Neue Warter.

Technical DataEdit

Length: 185.5 Meters
Power System: Photon Drive


  • Space Torpedo x 2

The red panels on Valstork's dorsal surface open, launching six missile each.

  • Guided Micro Missiles x 2

A vertical-launch MLRS system that can target enemies over a wide area.

  • All-Range Multi Beam Launcher x 2

Five tubes on each side of the Valstock unfold and fire energy beams

  • Dual Proton Cannon

The forward third of the Valstork splits open, revealing a powerful double beam cannon, capable of vaporizing asteroids in the beam's path

Combat ManeuversEdit

  • Proton Cannon Focus: Combination Attack with Valstork. The Valstork detaches it's Dual Proton Cannon, which the Valhawk grabs onto and combines with it's Plasma Execution into one massive beam of energy.

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