• Varuch Ben
  • Varuch Baal
  • Varuch Ishar

The Varuch-type is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series, it has appeared as an enemy unit in 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha and Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers piloted by the Balmarian combat unit, Golar Golem.


Technical And HistoricalEdit

A Balmarian unit developed during the Balmar War and are used by the Barshem combat team, it incorporates various forms of technology from Earth and is built for primarily recon and stealth missions due to the Jamming Systems, despite this they are still very effective in combat, there are 3 types, the Varuch Ben for grunt soldiers and the command types, Varuch Isher and Varuch Baal, used by Spectra McCready and Calico McCready. These machines would appear often during the Balmar War.


Varuch Ben SpecificationsEdit

It's the mass-produced version of the Varuch series machines. The Barshem clones all pilot them. It's a rather strong machine, though it's much weaker than Varuch Baal and Varuch Ishar.

Model Number: Unknown

Height: 21.4 Meters

Weight: 57 Tons

Pilot: Cobray Gordon

Weapon Systems

  • Aur Blade:
    A beam saber mounted in the wrist
  • Katif Cannon:
    The shoulder mounted cannons.
  • Twin Wheel Buster:
    A unique weapon that can be used for melee and ranged combat, first the Varuch Ben flies forward and throws the top wheel tethered by a cable at its target then after it hits it flies up and grinds the target with the bottom wheel then fires a couple of shots from the center of the weapon.
  • Yarah Illusion:
    A highspeed combat maneuver exclusive to Calico and Spectra's custom Varuch Ben units in Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers, Varuch Ben warps around firing shots the Katif Cannons then after delivering a swift blow with the Twin Wheel Buster begins viciously whipping the target with both wheels ending the maneuver by warping above the target and grinding the target and throwing it to the ground.

Varuch Baal/Isher SpecificationsEdit

The Command units of the Varuch series, It's equipped with stronger weapons then the Varuch Ben and are used by the Golar Golem commanders Calico and Spectra McCready. Spectra's Varuch Isher is colored primarily white and purple in color while Calico's Varuch Baal is black and yellow. The design of the units Blade Wheel Busters are also different.

Model Number: Unknown

Height: 22.3 Meters

Weight: 62.4 Tons

Pilot(s): Calico McCready/Spectra McCready

Weapon Systems

  • Shot Scissor:
    Shoulder mounted remote weapons that are used to repeatedly "bite" the target.
  • Blade Wheel Buster:
    Fires a shot from the gun portion of the weapon
  • Yarah Illusion:
    A high speed bombardment attack, the unit warps at high speed firing missiles each time it appears then finishes with a beam fired from the chest area.
  • Lakad Ve Yarah:
    The Varuch Ball/Isher's ultimate attack, it starts by flying forward and slicing the target with the blade portion of the Blade Wheel Buster then the unit begins pummeling the target with the wheel tethered with a rope of light before slashing it again with the blade and shooting it 3 times ending the attack.

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