Valhawk in Cross Combat mode

The Valhawk (ヴァルホーク) is the first Original Mecha for Super Robot Wars W. It is a transformable mecha piloted by Kazuma Ardygun and his sister Mihiro Ardygun.


Valhawk MA Airforce Mode

Valhawk in Air Force Mode

The Valhawk is a blue-and-white mecha that has the ability to transform from a mecha ("Cross Combat Mode") to a fighter craft (Air Force Mode). As a fighter, it is capable of operating both in space or in an atmosphere.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

The Valhawk is built and operated solely by the Ardygun family, who built it using blueprints found in the family ship Valstork. It is commonly operated by Kazuma Ardygun and his sister Mihiro, but can be operated by a single pilot if necessary.

The Valhawk is primarily used to defend the Valstork from pirates, but was eventually put to full combat use when the Ardyguns signed on to the organization Warter. It is capable of performing "Pattern Cross", combining with the Valstork to transform it into Valguard.



  • Height: 32.8 Meters standing in Cross Combat Mode
  • Weight: 61.4 Tons
  • Operator: Ardygun family


  • Laser Vulcan:
    Super Robot Taisen W Valhawk Valstork Valguard All Attacks HQ

    Super Robot Taisen W Valhawk Valstork Valguard All Attacks HQ

    A small energy weapon located on the Valhawk's right side. Usable in Air Force Mode.
  • Beam Shot Launcher: An energy rifle mounted on the right side in Air Force Mode, handheld in Cross Combat Mode. It has a small spike on the end that can be used to impale enemies.
  • Ray Blade x 2: A pair of beam swords stowed in the Valhawk's lower legs. Usable only in Cross Combat Mode.
  • Plasma Execution: A heavy plasma energy projector built into the center of Valhawk. Usable only in Cross Combat Mode.
  • Heat Edge x 2: Two spikes/blades mounted on the feet in Cross Combat Mode, and the nose in Air Force Mode.

Combat Maneuvers:

  • Heat Edge Exploder: In Air Force Mode, the Valhawk deploys its Heat Edges and is sheathed in an aura of energy. The Valhawk then flies toward the target at high speed, and rams it.
  • Jade Flowsion: The Valhawk charges the enemy, firing both the Laser Vulcan and Beam Shot Launcher. The Valhawk closes in with the enemy, stabs them with the Heat Edge, and blasts them off with the Launcher fired point-blank. The Valhaks flies around behind the target and stabs it in the back with the Launcher, lifts it up, and blasts it into the air. Flying up towards it, the Valhawk slashes it twice with the Ray Blades, and kicks it back down to the ground, grabs it and flies forward, scraping it into the earth, and finally blasts it away with the Plasma Execution.
  • Proton Cannon Focus: Combination Attack with Valstork. The Valstork detaches it's Dual Proton Cannon, which the Valhawk grabs onto and combines with it's Plasma Execution into one massive beam of energy.

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