Valarm is a fictional mecha in the Super Robot Wars series, it appears as both a enemy and playable mecha in Super Robot Wars W.


Technical And HistoricalEdit

The final unit of the Knowlege Recorder's "Arm" Series machines piloted by Applicant, the Valarm was developed in order to defeat Valzacard and boasts both immense size, speed and power, Like Valzacard it's powered by a Proton Nova Drive.
It features all range homing Lasers called the Sphere Laser Focus, its Remote Drill Burst which is housed in it shoulders and the powerful Final Hawk Stike where Valarm engages large claws hidden in its arms and slashes its opponenet relentlessly before tearing them in half.
The Valarm also houses a copy of Inference's programming at Applicant's discretion foreseeing Critic's betrayel. The Valarm would first see action against Noi Wörther when the first came to the Database and again after Critic shot down Inference's Sapientia to assist Noi Wörther in taking him down.
It would last be seen heading off for parts unknown with the remainder of the Knowledge Recorders.


Height: 201.2 meters

Weight: Unknown

Armor Material:

Main Power Source: Proton Nova Drive

Pilot: Applicant, Inference

Weapon Systems:

  • Sphere Laser Focus:
    Valarm fires several homing lasers from its legs that bombard the target.
  • Remote Drill Burst:
    Valarm deploys its 2 rocket drills and lauches them with its clawed manipulators, the drills strike the target from both sides then turn to impale the target before firing eabms into the it destroying the taget from the inside out.
  • Final Hawk Strike:
    Valarm engages its clawed manipulators and slashes its target before knocking it away and stomping down on it driving it into the ground, Valarm then pulls them from the ground and proceeds to tear its victim in half.


Video GalleryEdit

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