Designer  ???
Designation VR-01
Property Katz Folneus
Manufacturer Unknown
Type: Experimental Prototype
Pilot Katz Folneus
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Accommodations 1
Power Generator Pilot's bioelectrical energy
Armor  ???
System Interface Direct Feedback System (?)
Armaments N/A
Deathblows Techniques Rasetsujin
Bakufu Musoudan
Shinsou Rekyaku
Masou Rengeki
Tenou Shouhazan

Vairose (ヴァイローズ) is a fictional giant robot featured in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars 64.


The Vairose is a distinctly masculine robot. It is mostly black, with blue highlights and gemstone-like protrusions on its body, colored in light blue. It's mostly different from its successor the Vysaga from the features and attacks. The Vairose is actually a towering super robot, shrinking away Personal Troopers, in terms of height.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

In the 64 timeline, it is an enemy unit for Katz Folneus. In the Original Generation timeline, it was only mentioned by the Shadow-Mirror as the predecessor of Lamia Loveless's second personal unit, the Vysaga.

The Vairose sports no visible weapons. It is a super robot built for taking and returning hits and can perform a variety of melee or martial art attacks, utilizing its knees and feet for maximum damage. Aside from being heavily armored, the Vairose can use its most powerful attacks repeatedly without worrying about its power supply. Coupled with its already tough armor and powerful attacks, this makes fighting the Vairose very dangerous, under most circumstances.

It is believed that the Vairose is powered or controlled partly by the pilot's life force, capable of translating emotion to power output, in order to unleash its attacks. How this technology works is still unknown, but only to the pilot itself.


Model Number: VR-01

Height: 43.9 meters

Weight: 130.8 tons

Super Robot Wars 64 - Vyrose All Attacks03:48

Super Robot Wars 64 - Vyrose All Attacks

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