The Unified Nation is the world from Super Robot Wars Z to Super Robot Wars Z3. This was the result of the following of the dimensional bang. The unified nation is nation in the Z3 universe is where Earth Federation did drematic population increase in prefer absorb other nations led by human race measures to make it in 40 yeard with a population of 300 billion it 50'000'000 faster than light space warships is and 21.25 billion army troops and military of 32.8billion active total troops 35 million all made of submarines 11.25billion space sailors it also gets command of all defense systems in system made 2 billion mecha moblesuits which are jagen's which have minovsky drives and valkyres also equipped with them from the upgraded current new un spacey valkyres that normal un spacy troops do not have and million mecha million valkyres and 500 million mobile suits all under the army ams also army is the army Air Force using the revel class faster than light bombers is the glue of the organization it sticks all the organizations and nations together and it sticks all the organizations and nations together and it is glue of the unified nation the earth federation is unquestionably the leader of the home guard of the unified nation .

The New UN Spacy is next to the earth federation in military strength. The New UN Spacy is unquestionably the main expeditionary force. Unified nation is the new un spacy and leader of it there mission is to protect the extra solar colonies of the human race and to fight the extra solar enemies of the unified nation and humanity. And it,s allies but it has a bigger population than earth federation 500 billion it has 30,000'000 faster than light warships.