Tyutti Noorbuck
Super Robot Wars EX character
Voiced by Kikuko Inoue (japanese)
Age 22
Gender Female
Species Human
Military History
Units Piloted Goddess

Tyutti Noorbuck is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series.

Appearances Edit

Theme MusicEdit

  • Mizu to Numa no Kuni Kara (From the Incompatible Land of Lakes and Marshes) - Default theme in all appearances.
  • Ocean of Determination - When using Possession.

Personality And Traits Edit

She is a sisterly, graceful and elegant 21 years old (although she prefers her real age unknown and lies about being 17 years old instead). Despite her graceful demeanor, however, she hid quite the sorrow after the death of her family in front of her eyes. Although a beautiful woman and adored by many for her looks, Tyutti mostly doesn't put much concern about them, especially after the death of her first lover Ricardo, as she became fearful that those she loved will die. She's pretty modest on her own looks, praising Wendy's beauty that if she's not called beautiful, the majority of beautiful earthling women needs to stop calling themselves beautiful. She likes sweet foods and has an odd sense of cooking, everything she makes tends to be overly sweet. She tends to dote on Masaki and visibly cried when he left to do something reckless. While she is mostly a nice lady, when angered, she is not above violently choking the one she thinks at fault, all while her smile was planted on her face, as seen by Ricardo.

She likes sweets, and had a habit on making her foods extremely sweet. She occasionally puts milk into whatever her food is, and usually uses six to eight cubes of sugars when she served tea.

History Edit

Lord of Elemental Part 1Edit

She was a Finnish woman, her exact job previously was unknown (some would say a racer). At the age of 19, Tyutti witnessed her parents and brother being murdered by a killer named Rubikka Hakinnen, an event that traumatized her.

She's later summoned to La Gias by Alzarl Gran Bilseia. There, she witnessed that Rubikka has been chosen to be a candidate to pilot the Masou Kishin of Water, Goddess . Remembering his crimes, Tyutti reported Rubikka to Alzarl's son Feil-Lord and the latter immediately took action so Rubikka was to be arrested and deported back to surface. However, Rubikka murdered the guards guarding him and fled. For awhile, that'll be the last time Tyutti would see him.

She later began her training as a Masou Ki pilot, befriending a lot of new people summoned from the surface, in particular Chinese gym teacher Hwang Yang Long, French lady Simone Kyulian and Brazillian ace pilot Ricardo Silvera, the last constantly hit on her, but she usually ignored him. Later, she was the first person to greet Masaki Andoh on his entrance to La Gias and helped him setting himself up there.

Later on, she was selected as the chosen one to pilot Goddess and was blessed with her Familiars Freki and Geri. While on the entrance of Masaki's familiar, Kuro and Shiro, Tyutti lamented that she wished she got something cuter (which put her familiars at odds with Masaki's), she clearly respects and appreciates their presence.

However, at one seemingly peaceful day, Tyutti received a prophecy from Princess Monica Gran Bilseia that she will meet the last person she'll ever want to see and the encounter will bring her despair. That last person turned out to be Rubikka, now a mercenary under Shutedonia Kingdom, and on encountering her, Tyutti was quick to be consumed by hatred, making her unable to fight properly, an aspect that was utilized greatly by Rubikka, but thanks to Masaki, she snapped out of the trance for awhile.

After receiving a distress call from Langran Capital during a patrol with Masaki and Ricardo, Tyutti and Ricardo stayed behind to stall Saphine Grace while Masaki rushed back to the capital. To her shock, Rubikka appeared with Saphine and he taunted Tyutti further to the point she fell into his hypnosis and attacked Ricardo out of trance. Thankfully for her, Ricardo single-handedly defeated Rubikka and snapped her back to consciousness. After wiping out Saphine, Ricardo attempted to make Tyutti, who still felt a little dizzy, feel better. Unfortunately for her, Rubikka still lurked there and attempted to shoot Tyutti, in which Ricardo took the bullet meant for her and Rubikka eventually retreated. Ricardo ended up dying in front of a heartbroken Tyutti, and after his death, Tyutti became fearful in striking new relationship, fearing that they'd die.

On returning to Langran capital, Tyutti found out that it's in ruins, although Masaki, Yang Long and Wendy were still okay. Yang Long declared that despite the losses, they have to defend La Gias. Masaki decided to follow Shu Shirakawa to the surface to find out what he's plotting, and Tyutti bid him farewell while she and Yang Long opted to defend the remnants of Langran.

Classic Timeline - Super Robot Wars EXEdit

Afterwars, Tyutti defended Langran directly on Feil-Lord's command, alongside Masaki's little sister, Precia, against the Shutedonia army. Eventually, Masaki returned, bringing along a squadron of surface dwellers under the Londo Bell led by Bright Noah. She first appeared to rescue Leina Ashta from the clutches of the enemy that forced both Judau Ashta and Seabook Arno fight against Masaki and the Londo Bell. After reuniting with Masaki, Tyutti met up with a Japanese schoolgirl just sucked into La Gias herself, named Mio Sasuga. She was rather skeptical on how a young girl like Mio fights, but she accepted her nonetheless.

Along the way assisting Masaki, she was surprised when she found out that Shu Shirakawa, who according to Masaki should've died, resurfaced although without his memory. However, she was further shocked when she found out that the Shutedonia army deployed the Zamzeed, under a geas. However, Zamzeed has chosen Mio as its next herald and the team broke free. For some reason, Tyutti was rather skeptical when she found out that Mio was the Zamzeed, but she eventually came to accept it (to note: Super Robot Wars EX was created before Super Robot Wars Gaiden, thus it wasn't known that Tyutti had such history with Zamzeed's old pilot Ricardo).

The Londo Bell's endeavor eventually led them to a resurrected Volkruss. Helped with some Shutedonia generals stumbling at the wrong time and wrong place, the Londo Bell defeated the evil God before it rampaged further and Tyutti used Goddess' abilities to seal the lair of Volkruss. However, afterwards, Feil-Lord began to take a tyrannical stance, forcing Masaki and Tyutti to stop him by killing him and as Feil-Lord planned, Langran would be able to take steps towards peace. Tyutti then saw the surfacers return to the surface.

When the Guests attacked the Earth, eventually Tyutti went to the surface to assist the Londo Bell, returning to La Gias when the threat was over.

In the events of Super Robot Wars EX, Tyutti reunited with Masaki and also found the successor of Ricardo in piloting the Masou Kishin of Earth, a Japanese schoolgirl named Mio Sasuga. Although Tyutti was skeptical at first, she ended up accepting her.

Original Generation TimelineEdit

Tyutti's story remained much the same as in Super Robot Wars EX. The surfacers that came to her side was the Hagane, and she first appeared, along with her familiars Freki and Geri, to rescue Mai Kobayashi from the clutches of the Shutedonia Army and allows her and her friends, Raidiese F. Branstein, Aya Kobayashi and Viletta Vadim to eventually rejoin the Hagane crews.

A small change was included when she found out that Zamzeed was used by Shutedonia, in which she was further shocked because she knew the Masou Kishin belonged to her dead lover Ricardo. This would explain further on how she was skeptical on why Mio was chosen to succeed it. Tyutti wondered how Ricardo would feel in this situation and was saddened on the current ordeals, but an encouragement from Irmgult Kazahara managed to set her mind at ease and she continued to assist Masaki. Afterwards, her story followed the same as Super Robot Wars EX.

In the same game, Tyutti followed Masaki into space on the rumors that Shu has been spotted in space and plotting something. She witnessed the Guest armada preparing their invasion to Earth and she decided to stay on the surface until the Guest are wiped out. She is soon reunited with her friends from Hagane, now under the Kouryuu Sentai, and also found out that aside of the Guests, she will be facing the Gaia Sabers, Baral Garden residents and the Ruina, all trying to ruin the Earth, and eventually Euzeth Gozzo.

After all of them was defeated, once again Tyutti returned to La Gias along with her friends, although they promised that they would answer to the Kouryuu Sentai's call for help if needed.

Lord of Elemental Part 2Edit

After the events of Super Robot Wars, she continued to assist Masaki in his endeavors and occasionally gets involved with the politics of La Gias. No matter what route was taken, she would end up defeating Rubikka for good eventually.

Revelations of Evil GodEdit

She still assists Masaki here, but eventually found out that Ricardo's spirit still existed inside Zamzeed, now guiding Mio. Although saddened that she still couldn't contact Ricardo, Tyutti still felt glad that his soul was still okay and unchanged.

It is revealed that Tyutti has also achieved the usage of Possession, although she rarely used it. Depending on the route taken, she would either empower Goddess on her own, or gains a combination attack with Yang-Long's Granveil.

Pride of JusticeEdit

If the Shutedonia route is taken in this game, Tyutti would become the main character of the route. When visiting the Shutedonia, she encountered a man named Zborva who courted her. Although she treated him nicely, she didn't start any serious relations with him, with the memories of Ricardo's death still haunting her.

However, later, Tyutti would find out that Zborva was a spy from the country of Radat. However, he was conflicted in his genuine feelings and his duty as a spy. Eventually, he chose the former and protected Tyutti at cost of being captured. Showing concern at his fate and not wanting him to end up the same way as Ricardo, Tyutti began to re-unlock the Possession system of Goddess and uses it to eventually rescue Zborva and defeat the enemy. By the end of the route, Tyutti has felt a lot better that she managed to protect a good friend instead of failing like before, noting if her parents, brother and Ricardo were watching her.

Coffin of the EndEdit

Tytti is one of the earlier characters revealed in the final game of the Masou Kishin saga. After the events of Pride of Justice, La Gias was under attack by a powerful mysterious force that decimated every of La Gias forces, including the Lord of Elementals with their Possession powers. Tyutti was the only survivor of the onslaught, Masaki, Yang Long and Mio has been reported MIA along with their Elemental Lords as well as her own Goddess. However, she knew that she hasn't lost everything and desired to recover them and protect La Gias once more before these forces can destroy them. To that end, she had to align with Shu Shirakawa, who also suffered the loss of Neo Granzon by that very same force, and had to ride a normal mech called Regelior-AR. And to her surprise, she would meet a familiar face that she faced from the surface during the battle against Euzeth Gozzo: Amara Burton.

Trivia Edit

  • Her three sizes are 85, 58, and 84. By Revelations of Evil God, it's said that her bust size has increased to 90.
  • Ironically; she cannot swim at all, even though her Masoukishin is of the highest water class.
  • Tytti lying about her age being 17 is a running gag from her seiyuu, Kikuko Inoue, who's known to claim herself to be 17 years old (even though she's way older than that) and had many characters she voiced insisting about being 17 years old.
  • In the PSP version of Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin Lord of the Elementals, Tytti's familiar Freki and Geri are voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu and Tetsu Inada, previously voicing the Branstein brothers (Rai and Elzam) in the Alpha/OG series.
  • A lot of elements within Tytti has touches of Norse mythology in it. Goddess' attacks are named after several Norse terms, and is modeled after a Valkyrie. Freki and Geri themselves are named after the two hounds that accompanied Odin. She herself is Finnish.
  • Her name has been constantly mislocalised. As her nationality is Finnish, the proper romanization of her name would Tytti Nordbak.