Touya Shiun
Super Robot Wars J character
Voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese)
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Earthling/Fury
Date of birth 54 (C.E)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Pilot, High School Student
Known relatives E-Selda Shiun (Father)
Military History
Units Piloted Bellzelute
→ Bellzelute Brigandi
→ Coustwell Brachium
→ Granteed Dracodeus

Touya Shiun (紫雲統夜/トーヤ・シウン, Shiun Touya) (Fury name is Tou-ya Selda Shiun) is the 17 years old main male character in Super Robot Wars J. A half Fury, he was accompanied by Festenia Muse, Katia Grignarl and Melua Melna Meia. His father, E-Selda Shiun, is a Fury Knight who was sent to infiltrate Ashalley Kreutzer's project of mobile suit development, but soon betrayed them and sent three girls along with a mech that would be piloted by Touya.


Touya appears in the following games:


  • Fate - Used when piloting Bellzelute, Coustwell, Granteed or Vorlent
  • Limit Over - Used when piloting Bellzelute Brigandi, Coustwell Brachium, Granteed Dracodeus or Raftclans. During ultimate attack theme changes to:
    • Sweet Suite - Used in ultimate attack with Melua
    • Powerful Eater - Used in ultimate attack with Festenia
    • Resolution - Used in ultimate attack with Katia

Personality & SkillsEdit

Touya is depicted as a normal boy who wants nothing more but a normal life. He begins as a rather pessimistic and cynical young man who is prone to complaining, much to the annoyance of the other characters. He wanted nothing to do with the war and wished to bail out and return to civilian life as quickly as possible despite the valuable role he and his machine play on the battlefield.

He matures over the course of story, becoming a much more empathetic and positive person who is willing to lay down his life for what he believes in. This is shown by his determination to protect the machine his father gave him as well as the three girls, regardless of danger.. At the end of the game, Touya shows a great deal of affection towards the people in Earth and PLANTs by make sure that the Bloody Valentine War ends by participating in destroying ZAFT's Superweapon GENESIS. He and the Three Ships Alliance also prevented UEFA and Blue Cosmos Leader Muruta Azrael's blind eradication towards Coordinator by destroying all the nuclear missiles fired by UEFA before they can reach the PLANTs

He is shown to adapt quickly with his mech thanks to the sophisticated Cytron sistem installed in his mech, enabling him to fight with the skill of an experienced veteran despite having never underwent formal pilot training, Touya's skill might be influenced by the knowledge left by his Father, El-Selda Shiun. As commented by Al-Van himself that Touya moves and fights like his father, once a great Knight of the Fury in his life. Near the end of the game, Touya gains full understanding of Cytron System, as shown when he instruct his sub-pilot ( whoever it is ) to assist Zeorymer in an effort to save Athrun and Cagalli when they tried to stop GENESIS from firing its final shot towards Earth, and also when he speaks to Al-Van about stopping the Gau-La Furia energy feedback from destroying the stasis pods where the Furians asleep in.


  • Quite unique that as the game's main character, the first time Touya can be played is on the first scenario. On the other hands, Calvina Coulange, the female main character, immediately started her action on the second scenario.
  • It is unknown whether Calvina's or Touya's storyline is the canon as either don't ever meet the other in their respective storylines in Super Robot Wars J.
  • It is revealed in The Moon Dwellers that Touya's late mother is named Yuzuki Shiun. Also, he was born and raised in Sapporo.

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Touya design in Super Robot Wars J