The Thrudgelmir (スレードゲルミル, Surēdogerumiru) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Taisen series. It has appeared as an enemy unit in Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden

The result of Machine Cells and the Grungust Type 3 of the Shadow-Mirror Universe fused as one.

, and made playable later in the game, but stayed an enemy unit in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, although it was briefly playable in Super Robot Taisen Original Generations.


The upgrades made to the Grungust type-3 are so drastic that it barely resembles a Grungust anymore. The Thrudgelmir is a large and extremely well armored mecha with a thick design. It has white on its shoulders and upper body area, red drills stored on the backpack, black legs, red crystalline spikes on its shoulders and legs, and some blue on its arms and legs.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

In Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden, when the Alpha Numbers are sent to the future, the future becomes a bleak one because they are not there to help the Aegis Project. The members of the Earth Cradle are released. Sanger Zonvolt in his Grungust Type-3 fought off members of the Mycene Empire (Great Mazinger enemies) as well as the Dinosaur Empire (Getter Robo enemies). However, at some point, scientist Sophia Nate was infected with Machine Cells. She was induced by the Magus System, becoming "Magus". Both Sanger and his Grungust were infected by Machine Cells as well. This turned his Grungust into the Thrudgelmir. Sanger would continue to use this weapon as the "Magus no Tsurugi" until he realizes the truth about what has gone on and regains his memories. He then joins Alpha Numbers in their quest for peace. It is unknown what ever happened to the unit afterwards.

The Thrudgelmir's Zankantou

The Thrudgelmir's modified Colossal Blade

The story of the Thrudgelmir is very different in Original Generation 2. In the Shadow-Mirror universe, Sanger Zonvolt died in an accident. He was rebuilt, however, as Wodan Ymir, an android with Sanger's memories and thoughts. His Grungust Type-3 is infected by Machine Cells to become his new weapon, the Thrudgelmir.

This beast is an infected Grungust Type-3. It boasts immense levels of power that are unmatched by many units and takes considerable amounts of forces to defeat. Because of the Machine Cells, it can constantly regenerate itself. The Type-3's Zankantou (Sanshiki Zankantou) has now been absorbed into the machine's being. A portion of the shoulder, a larger central spike and two smaller spikes, separate to form the hilt. The handle is created from the bottom, and then the blade forms on top, causing some fans to theorize the Thrudgelmir could pull two Zankantou out of both shoulders. Through in and through out, the Thrudgelmir is a unit not to be taken lightly. However as it is is built over the Grungust its head is its weakpoint as it houses the cockpit.


Model Number: Unknown
Thrudgelmir pic 2

Height: 53.7 meters

Weight: 402.3 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Drill Knuckle (ドリル・ブーストナックル, Doriru Būsuto Nakkuru, Drill Boost Knuckle)
    The Thrudgelmir arms itself with the two massive drills on the backpack. It then launches the arms forward. This aerial drill attack tears the enemy apart with utter ease. As shown in Original Generation 2, this can hit multiple enemies lined up in a row.
  • Zankantou Inazuma Juuryoku Otoshi (斬艦刀・稲妻重力落とし)
    A section of the shoulder armor is ejected from the unit. It produces a handle to hold it. It then produces a gigantic blade (at least double the length of the Thrudgelmir). The Thrudgelmir rushes forward and delivers a hard, horizontal spinning slash to deliver mass amounts of damage. In Original Generation 2, this attack is renamed the Zankantou Ichimonji Giri (斬艦刀・一文字斬り).
  • Zankantou Hoshinagi no Tachi (斬艦刀・星薙の太刀)
    Seen in Original Generations and the Alpha Gaiden manga adaptation, the Thrudgelmir ejects a section of its shoulder armor and forms it into the handle and guard of the Zankantou. However, unlike the normal Zankantou blade, an incredibly long beam of surging energy emerges from the handle and guard, easily longer than the Thrudgelmir itself, at least several thousand meters in length slashses the enemy and wipe out the entire area.

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  • It is noteworthy to point out that there is a Divine Crusaders emblem on the Thrudgelmir's armor plating on the crotch armor. This symbol suggests that the Earth Cradle project was actually made by Bian Zoldark, the founder and head of the Divine Crusaders.
  • Thrudgelmir , according to Norse Mythology, was the son of the great ice giant Ymir, who drowned in his father's blood when he was slain.