Tetsuya Onodera
Super Robot Wars character
Tetsuya Onodera
Voiced by Jin Horikawa (Japanese)
Age 29
Gender Male
Species Human
Date of birth 150 (S.E)
Nationality Japanese
Military History
Affiliations Earth Federation Army (OG 1/2/OGs)
Rank Battleship Captain
Units Piloted Hagane (Battleship; OG1/OG2/OGs)
Kurogane (Battleship; OG1/OG2/OGs)

Tetsuya Onodera (テツヤ・オノデラ Tetsuya Onodera?) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, he currently commands the Hagane battleship.


Tetsuya appears in the following games:

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Theme MusicEdit

  • Hagane no Hakobune (The Steel Ark; retitled Ships Full of Hope in the English-language version of OG2) - Default theme in OG 1/2
  • Hagane no Hakobune Ver. M (The Steel Ark Ver. M) - Default theme in Original Generations

Personality And TraitsEdit

29 year-old Tetsuya Onodera knows he still has much to learn, if he wants to become a capable officer in the Earth Federation Army. As the protege to the experienced and wise Captain Daitetsu Minase, his commanding and leadership skills grow greatly throughout the events of the Original Generation universe, while holding high regards to his mentor. Unlike Daitetsu, Tetsuya has a low tolerance for alcohol, and is usually joked around by the original cast for this weakness.


Tetsuya Onodera spent his youth training to become an officer at an Earth Federation academy, alongside Lee Linjun. Tetsuya remains in second among his graduating class, bested by Lee, who considers Tetsuya an unworthy rival during their studies. Upon graduating, Tetsuya is assigned to the position of executive officer aboard the Hagane, alongside Captain Daitetsu Minase. He participates over the course of the Divine Crusaders War and the L5 Campaign, bringing the Earth Federation to victory over the Divine Crusaders and the Aerogaters.

While quelling the outbreaks of the Divine Crusader Remnants from the previous war, Tetsuya reacquaints with Lee, now captain of the Shirogane. Like before, Lee was just as cold and demeaning towards Tetsuya, noting that he will never be as great an influence like him. Disturbed, but undeterred by Lee's words, Tetsuya continues serving his post, until Operation Plantagenet, when the Shadow-Mirror delivers a surprise attack on the Earth Federation forces, with Lee defecting to the mysterious faction. A hit from the Shirogane to the Hagane forces the battleship to retreat, but at the cost of Daitetsu's life, who succumbs to severe injuries.

Seeing a need for a captain, the Earth Federation Army assigns Tetsuya to be Daitetsu's replacement, though he is reluctant in accepting the role, rather opting to call his new post a "temporary position", as a means to respect his deceased mentor. Regardless, he assumes command of Rätsel Feinschmecker's Kurogane battleship, relocating out of the Hagane, while it is docked for repairs, and continues with the new campaign against the Shadow-Mirror, as well as the Inspectors and the Einst. During the climax of the battle with the Shadow-Mirror at the White Star, he re-encounters Lee and rams the Kurogane's Titanic Drill to the charging Shirogane, killing Lee and avenging Daitetsu's death (unfortunately, this event is retconned in Original Generations; Lee manages to escape with a damaged Shirogane). Original Generation 2 concludes with Tetsuya, now accepting his position as captain of the repaired Hagane.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, Tetsuya leads the ATX Team and SRX Team during the Bartool uprising.