Pre-Episode 1: Black September IncidentEdit

Thousands of human beings, changed into Primary Bodies by the First Invasion, rally in Prague at the call of an insane Tekkaman cult leader named Mikhail in response to discrimation suffered in their daily lives. The Space Knights are deployed in a peacekeeping effort, unaware of world armies preparing to annihilate the entire city in a nuclear attack. Aki, the "Red Devil", fights and kills the leader of the uprising before assisting the sudden evacuation of the city. Aki grabs the closest person she can find, a boy named David Krueger, moments before the bombs are dropped and spirits him away on the back of Pegasus II. Dead End's friends and family are killed with tens of thousands of others; he survives the blast.

Episode 1: Virgin FlushEdit

English Title: Stage 1: The New Generation - Part 1

Three Space Knights are chosen to become Tekkamen. In space, the United Earth Fleet fights off another invasion by Radam. The Radam bring Tekkamen and wipe out the fleet, sending missiles to Earth. This causes a problem during the Tekkaman evolution process for the three new cadets, and a computer error results in Yumi (instead of Natasha) receiving the Reactor Voltekka. The Space Knights attack Radam, but are overpowered. When attempting to help them, Yumi uses Reactor Voltekka; Yumi is unable to control its power, which leads to a disaster.

Episode 2: Virgin BloodEdit

English Title: Stage 1: The New Generation - Part 2

Yumi is training and improving. Radam hit the Space Knights' HQ. The Space Knights hold back, out of mercy for the enemy. Aki joins the fight and kills the Radam Tekkamen.

Episode 3: Virgin Dream

English Title: Stage 2: The Alien Intruder - Part 1

Blade reappears and destroys a group of Radam. Yumi contends with Aki for D-Boy's love. 

Episode 4: Dead Boy

English Title: Stage 2: The Alien Intruder - Part 2

Dead End makes his first appearance and defeats Blade in space. David tries to prevent this by attacking, but Dead End escapes.  

Episode 5: Dirthy Night

English Title: Stage 3: Final Encounter - Part 1

David befriends Dead and remembers the events of Black September. Noal is revealed to have been apprehended by the military police supporting the General. His ultimate fate is unknown.  

Episode 6: Dangerous Boys

English Title: Stage 3: Final Encounter - Part 2

Yumi and Blade train for the definitive encounter with Dead. Blade battles Dead in a final showdown. 

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