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Removal of Anime Series pages Edit

Or at least removal of their own dedicated pages. This is a Wikia about Super Robot Wars and content should be kept about the SRW games themselves. If you want in depth information about the various anime, link to Wikipedia articles which can provide better and more accurate information. -Kazanada 20:22, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

iam favor-of-keeping-sauper-robot-wars-aime-page Edit

dr-fan/mai-lover aer-you-spuit-or-something-bcsuse-giteing-ride-of-sauper-robot-wars-is-saupit bcsuese-i-know-next-naigthing-about-sauper-robot-wars so-i-put-you

sauper-hairon-cerhrocles-as-sapin-of-sauper-robot-wars Edit

dr-fan/mai-lover cood-you-sauper-hairion-caerhrocles-as-sapin-off-of-sauper-robot-wars

how-may-sauper-robot-wars-aer ther Edit

dr-fan/mai-lover iam-new-to-sauper-robot-wars-something-is-buging-me-how-may-sauper-robot-wars-aer-ther-so-i-put-you

sauper-hero-wars-for-really-for-real Edit

dr-fan/mai-lover is sauper-hero-wars-really-for-real -proof-to-me-taht-sauper-hero-wars-is-real-so-i-put-you

is super-heros-wars-part-of-super-robot-wars Edit

dr-fan/mai-lover is-super-heros-wars-part-of-super-robot-wars-unvise so-i-put-you

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