This is part of Super Robot Wars Z3


タイトル Name Description
時獄篇マスター Jigoku-hen Master Acquire every trophy in the game.


タイトル Name Description
シナリオコンプリート Scenario Complete Complete the entire scenario chart.
エンブレムコレクター Emblem Collector Unlock all five Emblems.
DEMのお得意様 Happy DEM Customer Purchase all of the D-Trader's staple products. (18 enhancement parts and 4 enhancement systems)
全SRポイント制覇 All SR Points Conquered Acquire 60 SR points.


タイトル Name Description
タイトル Name Description
ゲームクリア Game Clear Complete the game.
パイロットブリーダー Pilot Breeder Raise 30 pilots to Ace.
カスタムキング Custom King Obtain custom bonuses for 30 units.
オンリーワンクラッシュ Only One Crush Inflict 50,000 damage on a single enemy in a single combat.
マルチクラッシュ Multi-Crush Shoot down 10 enemies with a single MAP attack.
買い物上手 Savvy Shopper Unlock all of the D-Trader's staple products. (18 enhancement parts and 4 enhancement systems)
スーパーエースパイロット Super Ace Pilot Shoot down a total of 200 enemies with a single pilot.
ゴールドフィンガー Goldfinger Gain a total of 30,000,000 credits.
スイートネイル Sweet Nail Reduce an enemy unit to single-digit HP.
本気の全力攻撃 Serious All-Out Attack Combine Maximum Burst, Support Attack, Tactical Combo Max, and Placement +10.


タイトル Name Description
準備万端 Ready for Anything Complete the Guidance mission.
長き戦いの始まり Beginning of a Long Journey Complete Mission 1.
マキシマムブレイク Maximum Break Use a Maximum Break.
タクティカルコンボMAX Tactical Combo Max Max out the Tactical Combo gauge.
エースパイロット Ace Pilot Raise one pilot to Ace.
カスタムボーナス Custom Bonus Obtain the custom bonus for one unit.
実戦 Real Battle Complete the prologue stage.
エースパイロット Ace Pilot Get Ace Pilot status (shot down 50 enemies) for one character.
お買い上げ感謝感激 Thank You For Your Patronage Purchase one of the D-Trader's staple products. (18 enhancement parts and 4 enhancement systems)
休息の時 R&R View a quit message.
戦いの紋章 Battle Honors Unlock an Emblem.
美しき戦士 Beautiful Warrior Raise a female pilot to Ace.
精神統一 Spiritual Unification Complete the list of Spirit Commands in the Search window.
韋駄天 Skanda Move 15 squares in a single movement.
タイトル Name Description
満員御礼 Packed House Dock 20 units with a ship.
愛と勇気を力に Love, Courage, and Power Have the spirit command effects Accel, Strike, Alert, Valor, Fury, Gain, and Luck active on a single unit simultaneously.
絶好調 Top Form Have a unit with 100% HP, 100% SP, and 170 morale.
一撃二鳥 Two Birds with One Stone Shoot down both units in an enemy squad with a single attack.
本日ラッキーデイ My Lucky Day Use the spirit commands Luck and Bless a combined 10 times on a single stage.
トリプルアタック Triple Attack Attack three times in one turn with a single squad.
縁の下の力持ち Unsung Hero Support Defend four times in one turn with a single pilot.
一機闘千 One Against The World Shoot down 15 enemies in a single stage with a single pilot.