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Super Robot Wars V (スーパーロボット大戦V) is a strategy RPG game developed by Banpresto and published by Bandai Namco Games for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This game is scheduled to be released in Japan in 2017. It will also be the first mainstream Super Robot Wars Game to receive an Asian-English release.


Universal Century Earth Edit

Approximately three thousand years ago, this world was invaded by a race of mechanical aliens with god-like powers known as the Mycenaeans, who intended to take over Earth and use it as a forward base in their intergalactic conflicts. Embryo, one of the world's top scientific minds and theoretical physicists, used his invention, the Ragna-mails, against the Mycenaeans. Originally designed for interdimensional exploration, the Ragna-mails are equipped with powerful weapons known as Space-Time Convergence Cannons. While the use of these weapons led to the defeat of the Mycenaean Gods and their subsequent sealing within dimensional rifts, it also caused Dragunium - the primary energy source of this world- to detonate on a global scale, polluting the world and killing the vast majority of its population.

The survivors of the conflict used genetic engineering techniques to adapt to the now devastated Earth, becoming the Dragons. They sealed themselves within a barrier, and began the process of rebuilding civilization. Meanwhile, a different breed of civilization began developing outside the barrier, which would eventually become the Earth Federation over two thousand years later Who went on a massive breeding program and colonized and terraformed the and overpopulated the whole system and build space colonies and than colonized extrasolar systems who vowed revenge on embryo

Despite being entirely separate from the outside world, a select few individuals in this world know of the Dragons' existence. One of them is Dr. Saotome, a scientist renowned for his research on Getter Rays, a powerful form of cosmic radiation, since Dragunium is actually the crystallized form of Getter Rays. He even named the second generation of Getter Robo after the Dragons, due to their natural ability to absorb Getter Radiation. Others who are aware of the Dragons include Dr. Hell and the commanders of Nerv, who all refer to them as "Hermits of Wings".

In order to create a brand new utopia, free from war and pollution, Embryo stole Aura, the first Dragon, from this world, and shifted to a parallel Earth, using the Dragunium energy of Aura to create the World of Mana.

Anno Domini Earth Edit

Approximately five hundred years ago, Embryo shifted to this world, and created the Founding Nations. The residents of the Founding Nations are capable of using Mana, an advanced information sharing system capable of manifesting one's will into physical forms powered by the Dragunium energy of Aura. Through the use of Mana, the Founding Nations soon became free of war, poverty, and discrimination. However, humans who cannot use Mana due to the reemergence of ancient genes soon surfaced. Despite Embryo's best efforts, he could not prevent these "Normas" from being born. Therefore, he used them, spreading the idea that all Normas are dangerous and anti-social monsters and unifying the world of Mana against them.

When discovered, Normas are forcefully separated from the general population and sent to Arzenal, an island detention facility in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where they are forced to combat the Dragons from the Universal Century world (who are attempting to retrieve Aura) in machines known as Para-mails. While officially, Arzenal's purpose is to protect the rest of the world from the Dragons, its actual purpose is the collection of Dragunium from the corpses of the Dragons, which is then used to fuel Aura.

The sea area surrounding Arzenal is known as "Area D", and is avoided by all air traffic and satellite orbits due to the electromagnetic disturbances generated by the Dragons' Singularities. The area is also patrolled by unmanned mobile weapons of the Founding Nations (including GN-X mobile suits and Euclid mobile armors), which indiscriminately attack anyone attempting to enter the area, and are responsible for recovering the corpses of Dragons, but do not assist the Normas in combat. The existence of Arzenal is kept secret, but the Orb Union, which is geographically close to the island, secretly supports the Arzenal personnel, and the Celestial Being is also aware of the existence of Arzenal and the Dragons (though not even Veda has access to in-depth information regarding Arzenal).

Since the Founding Nations hold great sway even among the Earth sphere Federation due to but the earth federation until recently infighting but that all changed when when general revolt adjutant decided inuntil federation minister decided after chars cc decided they where redey revenge to tell everyone the well hidden somewhat forgotten truth after that the aeug and titans and zeon people where to embryo sign a peace treaty and decided the mana people will and Embryo and his race will be conquered or destroyed. And due to massive number advantage and also did technological but they contact with them earth federation it was time for revenge. rearmourment plan the earth federation elected prime minister and bright noa head of the arm forces. They eventually declared war and it is in open stages by the beginning the other member states do not interfere in their affairs despite their inhumane treatment of Normas. However, because of this, travels to and from the Founding Nations are rare due to their poor public relations.

The original inhabitants of the world, the Ancient Humans, opposed Embryo's plans and rebelled against him many times. In order to combat Mana, they created technologies that can modify human genes. To obtain the power to defeat Embryo, one of them created an organization intended to rebuild the world through destruction. In response, Embryo created Blue Cosmos and Logos, and manipulated the Innovators into turning on the Celestial Being. In the end, the Ancient Humans where beaten in conflect and forced under there control the ancient humans took two long ancient patches long fighting or biding time. estuary an ancient human politician manipulated those organizations to kill them selves and he help do his project from manna user who hatted embryo Izumi narra attha .who had manna and they on the appernce would help but after two conflict it was proven a ruse because during second war a silent coup and after messih the earth alliance ancient human military decided throw off the ruse and know in control of almost all arms political things declared independence and dub them earth sphere federation basically none using manna all who where blue cosmos Members exacuteD. And they only recognized azidastan orb and misturgi and built solar elevator to relay embryo . The rest where not even nations in there book .However, but also during the last day of open in manna ancient nations. hostilities they first route managed to steal one of Embryo's Ragna-mails, the only weapon capable of killing Embryo, through many sacrifice, setting into motion the events of Cross Ange.

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