Super Robot Wars F/Final is divided into diffent types of mechas. First are the Super Robots, which include types like Mazinkaiser, Shin Getter, Combatter V, Dancougar etc. Defense and HP is what this group is about. They are low on agility and their hit/dodge rate is very low, but, almost all pilots learn auto-hit. Finally they have high defence which makes them good as tanks.

The other group are the Real Robots. These include Gundams, Aura Battler, Lord of Elements etc. This group has more agility but lacks on armor and HP, however they are good to lure enemies since they have a high hit/dodge rate.

Battle ships are very useful in Super Robot wars F/Final. They have good Seishin. The only thing that might get in the way, is leveling your battleships. Their Hit rate is too low to be useful, so Auto-Hit is a MUST for battle ships if you want to level them.

Battle ShipsEdit