File:SRW3 title Super Robot Wars 3 is a game created by Banpresto and released July 23rd, 1993 for the Super Famicom. It is the sequel to SRW 2.


The story begins six month after the war in SRW2, DC has been defeated but this not the end of them. Those war make world into chaos, after the war everything turn fine.

DC whose defeat in previous war, was begining to construct their community again in the flag of Zabi empire. Without notice, they attack a few important places and cause more disaster.

The world then aware of this problem then creates a new earth defence to replace United Nations. This new organization name Earth Union. All warriors from previous wars are joined then become a part of Londo Bell. Londo Bell was an external organization for Earth Union.

But there was a problem, because of the previous war created by DC. Earth Union did not give a full support, they controlled the supply for weapon dan equipment. With the problem of DC, they must face the lack of equipment for defence of the world.


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