Studium is a mech made by Ruina and is piloted by Wentos/Ventos as his personal unit. It can transform into Wyvern mode. It is specialized on wind attacks.


  • Wyvern Shot - charges up purple aura to fire 2 cannons
  • Wyvern Scissors (Super Robot Wars D) - fires a couple of shot in wyvern mode then stab the enemy mech with the needle in Studium's claws
  • Wyvern Scissors (2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation) - Rushs at the enemy in Wyvern mode and stabs the enemy mech with the needle in Studium's claw.
  • Wyvern Bunker (Super Robot Wars D) - Rushs at the enemy in wyvern mode cuting them in shreds with it's claw then transform back with 2 beam saber to cut them.
  • Wyvern Bunker (2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation) - Rushs at the enemy in Wyvern mode ripping the enemy mech in to shreds with the studium's 2 blades and fires 8 green directional lasers, then stabs the enemy with the studium's claw then rips it in half by bring out the beam sabers.

Video GalleryEdit

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