Solgady (ソルガディ) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series.


Technical And HistoricalEdit

This is a B-Class Masouki whose patron is the sandstorm spirit (low-rank Wind) Soleid. It is one of the 16 Original Masouki developed by Wendy. Its initial pilot was Ahmed Hammoudi, who would later leave the Antiras Squad and work as intelligence support, leaving the masouki in the capable hands of former Volkruss cultist, Gaen. Solgady's spirit, Soleid, is also apparently very indifferent about its masters, which explains why it easily accepts any new pilots and how they are able to easily control it.



Height: 28.4m

Weight: 38.4t

Armor Material: Zol Orichalcon

Main Power Source: "Furukaneri" Class Eternal Engine

Pilot: Ahamud Hamdi, Gaen.


  • Discutter (ディスカッター Disukattā):
    The standard sword of Langran Wind Masōkis. It is made out of Zol Orichalconium (refined Orichalconium) alloy, Solgady rockets forward and slashes the target.
  • Phantom Edge (ファントムエッジ Fantomuejji):
    A Pair of Mecha sized Katars, Solgady rockets forward and slashes the target, Used by Gaen in Masoukishin 3.
  • Giga Sort Cannon (ギガソートカノン Gigasōtokanon):
    The Solgady's tail mounted beam cannon.
  • Sandstorm (砂嵐 Sunaarashi) :
    Solgady launches a fierce sandstorm at its target.
  • Mega Beam Cannon (メガビームキャノン Megabīmukyanon):
    Powerful beam cannons mounted on Solgady's shoulders.
  • Twin Cannon (ツインキャノン Tsuinkyanon):
    The upgraded version of the Mega Beam Cannon.
  • Hyper Railgun (ハイパーレールガン Haipārērugan):
    A powerful railgun that packs a punch, only seen in Super Robot Taisen EX and 2nd OG.
  • Enmi Kodoku no Hou (厭魅蠱毒の法):
    Gaen's ranged weapon weapon after he inherits Solgady, Gaen summons 2 Shiryou Souhei and has them fire beam shots along with the Mega Beam Cannon, this attack is only seen in Masoukishin 2.
  • Juso-gaeshi no Kaze (咒詛返しの風):
    The upgraded version of Enmi Kodoku no Hou, Gaen has the Shiryou Souhei charge at the target and bind them Gaen then fires an arrow at the target and causes it to collapse in on itself and explode.
  • Jahannam (ジャハンナム Jahan'namu):
    Ahmad's finishing move, Solgady flies through a wind circle and spins at high speed then drills through the target, this attack is seen in Masoukishin 1 and Original Generation Dark Prison. The animation for this attack differs in Dark Prison, Ahmad slashes the target 5 times then charges Prana into the Discutter, Solgady then flies through a wind circle and starts spinning, after passing the target Solgady swings around and then starts hitting the target repeated from all sides after that Solgady makes some distance then doubles back while the energy around it intensifies and hits the target one more time drilling a hole into them, after words Solgady stops turns around to look on at the explosion.
  • Azrael (アズライール Azurairu):
    Upgraded from Jahannam, Solgady flies through a wind circle and spins at high speed then drills through the target and doubles back, strikes the target again before flying off and watching the explosion from a distance, this attack is seen in Masoukishin 1 and 2.
  • Mugyou Renkou Saiha (無形・攣拘摧破):
    Gaen's Finishing Move, Using the Phantom Edge, Solgady flies into the air and does an overhead slash, then stabs the target and splits it in half causing it to explode with Solgady turning its back to it, This attack appears in Masoukishin 2 and 3.
  • Ni no Kata: Koteki Ryouda (貳乃型・虎擲竜拿):
    The Upgraded version of Mugyou Renkou Saiha, Solgady's tail extends and wraps around the target, Solgady then reels it in and slashes it to pieces then flies away as the target explodes, this attack appears in Masoukishin 2 and Final.

Video GalleryEdit

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