Sleigh Presty
Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 character
Voiced by Miki Nagasawa (Japanese)
Aliases Scarlet Comet
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Test Pilot
Known relatives Filio Presty (Older brother)
Military History
Affiliation Alpha Numbers (Alpha 2/3),
Project Terrestrial Dream (Alpha 2, OG 2/OGs),
Neo Divine Crusaders (OG 2/OGs/OG Gaiden)
Rank N/A
Mobile Weapons Vegalion (Alpha 2/3),
Hyperion (Alpha 2/3),
Calion Unit 01 (OG 2/OGs/OG Gaiden)

Sleigh Presty is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In Alpha canon, she pilots the Hyperion, and is joined by fellow pilots Ibis Douglas and Tsugumi Takakura; in Original Generation canon, she pilots the Calion.


Sleigh appears in the following games:

Sleigh also makes a cameo appearance in the animated Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars.

Theme MusicEdit

  • Ryusei, Yoru wo Kirisaite (Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night) - Default theme in Alpha 2/3
  • Ryusei, Yoru wo Kirisaite Ver. H (Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night Ver. H) - Used when piloting the Hyperion

Personality And TraitsEdit

Sleigh Presty is a prideful woman when it comes to her skills and is not afraid to chastise others if it would make them improve. She tends to use this on her partner in Project Terrestrial Dream (Project TD), Ibis Douglas. Being the polar opposite of Ibis, Sleigh has a very prominent superiority complex, which manifests in her position as Project TD's "Number 01" and how she finds herself in stunned disbelief when things do not go the way she hopes. Behind her rough, dominating attitude, Sleigh is a woman true to her beliefs and will fight for them. Though hostile at times, she would not hesitate to help Ibis out when necessary, although she would usually deny wanting to.

She also loves her brother Filio Presty very much, to which his attention to Ibis causes her to be jealous. In the Alpha Timeline, his death brings extreme grief to Sleigh, forcing her to leave the project with the Vegalion her brother entrusts to her, while blaming Ibis for his death.

Her dominant attitude and general appearance can be likened to that of Gunbuster's Kazumi Amano. However, Sleigh can be also be considered analogous to Char Aznable of Mobile Suit Gundam fame. The color of her mecha is predominately red, similar to most of the mobile suits Char uses, and her outfit is also red, bearing a strong resemblance to a Zeon officer's uniform. Her rivalry with Ibis is analogous to Char's against iconic anime sci-fi character, Amuro Ray. Her moniker, "Scarlet Comet", is another parallel to Char's "Red Comet" nickname; in Original Generation 2, Masaki Andoh even refers to Sleigh as Ms. Comet, and his cats note the similarity.


Alpha TimelineEdit

Sleigh Presty is the star ace of Project TD and is chosen to be the pilot of Vegalion, one of the Project's key models. However, Sleigh left the project and vanished after an accident caused by Ibis took Filio's life. Embittered that someone she thought to be inferior to her took her brother's life away, Sleigh swears to hunt Ibis down, take her Altairion, the second model in Project TD, and kill her to avenge her brother.

Sleigh confronts Ibis and her close companion, Tsugumi Takakura, many times, each encounter causing more grief to the already emotionally unstable Ibis. She almost succeeds in her first attempt, but subsequent attacks would see Ibis improving her skills against her former teammate. After the Vegalion is critically damaged, Sleigh flies to Aidoneus Island, headquarters of the Divine Crusaders and have the technicians repair it. While waiting, she meets Elzam V. Branstein, in his Rätsel Feinschmecker persona, who tells her what he inferred from Filio's work: the two stars, Altair and Vega, are destined to meet. After repairs are complete, Sleigh joins a small Neo Zeon contingent, knowing they could get her closer to the embattled Alpha Numbers and Ibis.

Sleigh confronts Ibis and Tsugumi again in a one-on-one duel. As the fight intensifies, Ibis forces Sleigh into an ultimatum: if Ibis loses, Sleigh will claim the Altairion; if Ibis wins, she must hear her out. Ibis proves her skills are more than a match for Sleigh, and single-handedly defeats her. Honoring her word, Sleigh listens to Ibis' explanation, in regards to the accident. Sleigh ultimately forgives Ibis, but unforuntately, her Neo Zeon allies are not pleased and engages both pilots. This event leads to the combination of the Altairion and Vegalion into Project TD's culmination, the Hyperion. Sleigh continues to assist Ibis and the Alpha Numbers in the war against Neo Zeon and the Nashim Gan Eden. With the Sealing War over, Ibis decides to travel deeper into space, and Sleigh accompanies her.

In the events of Alpha 3, Sleigh is separated from Ibis and Tsugumi and stumbles upon the Alpha Numbers once more, as the Balmarians begin their second invasion of Earth. She befriends new pilot Selena Recital and allies with the Alpha Numbers in the later course of the war, eventually reuniting with her Project TD teammates.

Original Generation TimelineEdit

Much of Sleigh's backstory is explained and expanded, compared to her Alpha counterpart. During the Divine Crusaders War, Sleigh is offered a chance to join the Troye Unit, but turns down the offer, preferring to help her brother in Project TD.

When the Inspectors takes over the Tesla Leicht Institute, despite Sleigh wanting to defend the facility, Filio orders her to escape with Ibis. After learning from Tsugumi the prototype Astelion is to be handed to Ibis, not her, Sleigh's frustration and jealousy reaches its limit and forces Ibis to enter a dogfight to determine the winner. However, she is chastised by Rätsel Feinschmecker that it is her pride on her skill that caused Filio to choose Ibis over her. Still adamant on wanting to be acknowledged, Sleigh leaves Project TD and joins the Neo Divine Crusaders. She requests Colonel Van Vat Tran to place her in the frontlines, in order to reclaim the Tesla Leicht Institute, with hopes that she will be the one to save Filio and impress him.

On the contrary, Ibis joins the Earth Federation Army and this pits Sleigh against her. Despite using the inferior Calion, Sleigh's skills prevail and she corners Ibis. However, when her superior orders her to kill Ibis, Sleigh hesitates, reminiscing their days of friendship. Sleigh retreats from the battlefield, causing her to fall from grace in the eyes of the Neo Divine Crusaders.

When the Earth Federation strikes an uneasy alliance with the Neo Divine Crusaders to quell the Inspectors and Shadow-Mirror, Sleigh does not hesitate to help Ibis to further the current mission. They meet again when Ibis heads to liberate the Moon Cradle. After reclaiming the facility, Sleigh realizes the error of her haughty ways and feels she is no longer worthy to continue on with Project TD. Apologizing to Ibis, she leaves, presumably helping the remaining Neo Divine Crusaders. She is last seen watching over the battle of the White Star from a distance, but quickly retreats after spotting Cry Wolves.

In Original Generation Gaiden, Sleigh save fellow Neo Divine Crusaders officer, Lorenzo Di Montegnacco, at the Hellgate Facility, after Wilhelm von Juergen hijacks Lorenzo's stolen Valsion Custom CF. While escorting him back to Earth, she run into several mysterious space creatures; thankfully, Ibis and the crew of the Hiryu Custom save her, although Sleigh makes a hasty exit.

Although Sleigh does not appear any further, the conclusion of Original Generation Gaiden may serve as the signal her Alpha 2 storyline will play out. As of the 2nd Original Generations, as far as the trailers went, Sleigh stood opposed to Ibis, signifying that somewhere in the story, the death of Filio occurred, straining Sleigh's relations with Ibis furthermore.


In the second Original Generation game, during operation Platanagent, when Sleigh helps Masaki and Ibis, Sleigh referred to as "Red Comet" by Shiro, before being interrupted by Kuro, referrencing the character Char Aznable from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.