The Shurouga is a powerful black-colored humanoid mobile weapon piloted by the cursed immortal being, Asakim Dowen. One of its defining abilities is its lightning speed, allowing it to easily overwhelm its opponents. With many powerful weapons at its disposal, not many machines can compete with it in combat. Its technological background is unknown.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

The Shurouga has overwhelming speed and many powerful weapons, such as the Discalibur. From its Black form, it can also transform into a high speed flight mode (demonstrated in the Lay Buster attack). Though known to be powered by one of the Twelve Spheres (which specific Sphere is not yet revealed), many of its other functions remain a mystery and it is currently unknown what technology was used to create it or why it possesses so many similarities to another certain Banpresto Original . 

The Shurouga and Asakim were both cursed into an immortal being. Since in the past, both of them committed a great sin in their life time .As a result, they were punished and cursed into an immortal being by not knowing who were cursing them.Then Asakim found a solution by going to a journey in search for the person who were cursing them (despite he doesnt know who was the person) and to find the twelve spheres for the sake to lifting their curse (in other words being able to die again).     

It is revealed in Super Robot Taisen Z3 Tengoku-hen that Shurouga itself is an equivalent of the Supreme Deity "Sol" from another dimension built to access the Akashic Records and The Origin's Law , but it was broken and have been passing through the cycle of Destruction and Rebirth in many universes which resulting the lost of its original form.In an event, Shurouga drifted between dimensions for a while, to compensate for its own deficiency, Asakim was created to become its pilot and utilize its power to the maximum.     

Shurouga SpecificationEdit

'Code name: Iza no Faust

Height: 30.3m

Weight: 53.1t.

Armor: Orichalconium

Weapon Systems:

  • Luster Edge:
    Shurouga abiltiy to shooting a ray of light by from its head towards his opponent.
  • Discalibur:
    Shurouga main weapon and it was summoned from Lightning.
  • Embrace the Inferno (Gouken no Goyo):
    Shurouga releasing its sphere power which including Asakim, destroying every enemy in the surroundings. It is similar to Cybuster's CyFlash.
  • Rumbling DisCalibur:
    Shurouga create a wound using his Discalibur into his hands until it drop his blood then he approaches his enemy at high speed, stab and grab the enemy to the air and rapidly slash the opponent while creating a black magic circle in the sky which will explode with the enemy in the center.
  • Tragic Genocider:
    Shurouga summons the Black Dragons from within its body and crush the enemy from above and below.
  • Lay Buster:
    Shurouga create a wound using his Discalibur into his hands and bleed, after that he raise his hand to the sky and create a black spell. Then Shurouga flew towards the spell and fuse it into its body. At high speed, Shurouga flew   towards the opponent and crash itself to trap the enemy in a cocoon of black spell, yet the cocoon producing the sound of a heart beat as the enemy experiencing or seeing the sin of Asakim Dowen which may cause the opponent to go insane or fear. For a second the heart beat sound from the cocoon were becoming faster and Shurouga were coming out from the cocoon which causes to break and explode.

Shurouga Sin SpecificationEdit

Height: 32.4m

Weight: 58.1t.

Weapon Systems:

  • Embrace the Inferno (Gouken no Goyo):
    Shurouga Sin releasing its all four sphere power which including Asakim, destroying every enemy in the surroundings.
  • Integral Discalbur:
    Shurouga Sin summons the Discalibur in his hand then starts pulling it out changing it from a long sword to a large broad sword and assumes the Sunrise Stance, Shurouga then flies towards the target at high speed and cleaves the target in half, with the top half in hand Shurouga then throws it at the lower half causing both to explode.
  • Tragic Carnager:
    Shurouga summons 2 dark prana circles which it then throws at its targets , resulting the enemy were standing between the 2 circles,then Asakim were summoning an endless barrage of Dark Dragons begin flying out of one circle and into the other ,bombarding the targets continuously. Shurouga Sin then summons 4 more circles, 2 more on the sides and 2 above and below which resulting the enemy were tortured and trapped inside.Then Shurouga Sin were back off and watch the Dark prana Circles explode along with the enemy. .
  • Genosic Nova:
    Shurouga charges up with all of the power of the 4 spheres and teleporting to the target delivering a devastating punch then kicking into a nearby solid surface, Shurouga sin then accelerates toward the target as it performs "Tenshin" and flies through 3 dark prana circles, as it closes in on the target , Shurouga Sin is shrouded in dark prana energy that transform into a 6 winged dark crimson Genosic Dragon and when it rams into the target, the crimson red darkness energy erupts and engulfs the target which destroying the enemy within The Black Hole sphere surrounded by 6 dark prana circles which then sprouts 6 black wings including the universe have been destroyed and reborn at the same time.


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The Shurouga was originally called Jigen Reppuu Shurouya (次元烈風 狩狼哉, Dimension Reaper Shurouya) in the early 2nd Super Robot Taisen days, planned along with Masoukishin no Kaze Cybuster and Busou Kikoushi Granzon. Though Granzon was the rival for Cybuster, the Shurouya was actually capable of stopping the conflict between Cybuster and Granzon including having the ability to leap through various dimensions.

Considering through the Endless Cycle of Destruction and Rebirth through out the universe, Shurouga were considered the strongest mecha in the history of Super Robot Taisen due to gaining the unlimited experience from many universes , able to access the Akashic Record and The Origin's Law including fusing the 12 Spheres power completely.with the Addition that Shurouga was a shard of the Supreme Deity of "Sol" and the Mecha itself have its own will which led the fact in the case of Asakim.