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Shinn Asuka (シン・アスカ Shin Asuka?) is a fictional character from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Although he is main protagonist of the first half of the series, he constantly sides with the antagonists of the series, as he is unaware of their true motives, which eventually causes him to becomes an enemy to the returning protagonists from the original Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, and thus he serves as the anti-hero of the series as well.

Appearance in Super Robot Wars gamesEdit

Shinn had appeared in Super Robot Wars K, Super Robot Wars L, Super Robot Wars Z, 2nd Super Robot Wars Z.

In every game (except 2nd Super Robot Wars Z), the player has the option to save Stellar Louise, thus lowering his anger toward Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala (though it still exists to the near end-game, when the three off them will fight together).

In Stage 27 of Super Robot Wars L, after LOTUS and Archangel crew return to Orb to beat up Orb-Earth Federation forces, Original forces led by an Imperial Valley appear and beat up Kira in his Strike Freedom pretty bad. Just as the Imperial Valley is about to land a fatal blow, Shinn steps in and smacks the enemy away, and yells at Kira to recall his will of protecting everyone in the world. Cue Combination Attack that obliterates Imperial Valley. In stage 32, Shinn also delivers the final blow to just like the version of Shinn in the Gundam Seed Destiny manga. When Rey defects, Shinn can save his life and cause Rey to rejoin LOTUS.

Setsuko Ohara of Super Robot Wars Z and Shinn Asuka in Z is probably the most supported pairing, if not, the prime crossover relationship in existence, as it's one of the few that actually makes a lot of sense considering their close relationship in-game. Because of the presence of Setsuko in the game and how Gundam SEED Destiny's events are rolled out in her route, Shinn's glaring flaws from the original story are actually fixed, or at least mellow them down. It helps that Setsuko can relate with Shinn on an emotional level. Arguably, this fanon pairing has become the best example of this trope. It helps that they actually do become very close in the game.