Setsuko Ohara
Gender Female

19 years old, Setsuko Ohara is the female protagonist of Super Robot Taisen Z. Setsuko is young, well-meaning, very earnest and sincere. Her parents were killed by a colony drop during the One Year War, after that event she lost her will to live. She came to the Federation looking for a reason to live again, hoping to find a place. She pilots the Virgola, an all purpose experimental robot. She is a member of the Glory Star, a team of test pilots who are ridiculed by The Army. While on a missions, Setsuko suddenly mysteriously transported herself together Toby and Denzel into another dimension.

While trying to find out what's going on, Setsuko encounters a mysterious man , named Asakim Dowin, her first meeting with Asakim was still new, she didnt know who he is.After she knew that Asakim was a nice person, she is started to emotionally attracted to him and she was offered by Asakim to accompany him in his journey.After She agrees.and went with him. A sudden tragedy of event happend during their Journey, She saw where Asakim  killing Denzel in front of her eyes. Then Afterwards, he kills Toby as his final target . Since those event happened,She is angry and demand an explaination from Asakim.As she facing Asakim outside from their prespective mechas,Asakim told her that he was doing all of this for a reason.However, she need more reasonable reason  and rejects his only  answer.Suddenly, Asakim beats her up and abuse her, and if that wasn't enough, he performs an act of betrayal , by shooting or slash her from the back just when she thought everything will go peacefully. It turns out Setsuko possesses the Kanashimi no Otome  "(悲しみの乙女)", which The Sphere grows more  powerful as her saddness were increasing, and Asakim seeks to awaken it by tormenting and make her despair . It's also the power source of transporting her throughout dimensions, possibly warping the very concept of reality itself. And as She build her resolution which inculding mastering and control her sphere to stop him (and later the Chimera), but she later finds out the effect that the more she use her sphere , the more she's losing herself: which  as a result losing her sense of taste, then her sight.

She pilots the machine Virgola, formerly a mass-produced version, but eventually gathers up to all the upgrades herself, and later it's upgraded a second time to the Virgola Glory with the Sphere Reactor for her sphere power.

Trivia Edit

  • Setsuko's name is a play on the word Zetsu, the Japanese word for Despair, and Ko, the Japanese word for girl. Given her string of tragic events, the name is fitting for her.