Selena Recital
3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha character
Voiced by Yuko Sato (Japanese)
Gender Female
Species Human
Military History
Affiliations ZAFT (@3),
Alpha Numbers (@3),

Team Hierba (@3, OGDP, OGTMD)

Rank N/A
Units Piloted AS Soleares (@3),
AS Alegrías (@3),
Gesterben Custom (OGDP, OGTMD)

Selena Recital is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she pilots the AS Alegrías. She also has a tendency to mix Spanish words within her sentences.


Selena has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Crying Survivor - Default theme
  • Invisible AS - Used when piloting the AS Alegrias in 3rd Alpha


Alpha Timeline Edit

Selena Recital was originally a member of a special forces unit known as Team Hierba. During a mission, currently codenamed "Doll", Team Hierba encountered the elite Golar Golem forces. In the onslaught that followed, all of the members of Team Hierba, excluding Selena, were killed. During the battle, Selena managed to crack the enemy leader's -- Spectra McCready's mask, which offered a glimpse of her face. From then on, Selena dedicated herself to finding and killing Spectra, in order to avenge her comrades' deaths. Selena then decided to join up with the attacking mechs: Ibis Douglas in her Altairion, and Sleigh Presty in her Vegalion

After a while, Selena encountered Viletta Vadim, and proceeded to attack her, mistaking her for Spectra. When confronted with the facts, Selena ceased her assault. Later on, she would encounter the real Spectra, and her Soleares would be heavily damaged. Using spare parts from the Vegalion and the Huckebein MK III's Servant frame, Tsugumi Takakura would upgrade the Soleares into the AS Alegrías. Using her new mech, Selena would continue to battle Spectra, eventually defeating her. She would go on to help the Alpha Numbers defeat the Spirit Emperor Ruach Ganeden, and later, Keisar Ephes. It is unknown what happened to her after the end of the war.

If Selena is not chosen as the main character, then Viletta becomes Spectra's rival.

Selena's OriginEdit

Although Selena keeps her past well-hidden, certain aspects point toward a possible origin as an agent from the Shadow-Mirror dimension:

  • First, the designation of her machines: AS. Short for Assault Scouter, this designation is very similar to the designation of the Ashsaviour machines, ASK-AD, which stands for Ash Kleef Assault Dragoon. The Ash Saver is produced and manufactured by Fremont Industries, located only in the Shadow-Mirror universe.
  • The Soleares is equipped with a built-in Stealth Boomerang, a weapon produced by the Shadow-Mirror, first seen in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2.
  • When the Soleares needed to be upgraded, Selena assimilated local technology in order to do so, a standard Shadow-Mirror protocol.
  • Her partner, Elma, possesses a highly-advanced, human-like artificial intelligence, which points towards Lemon Browning's accomplishments in creating artificial beings.
  • Furthermore, her unexplained disappearance at the conclusion of Alpha 3 can be interpreted as either an attempt to escape and prevent the Shadow-Mirror from finding her, blending into society to be able to protect it like Gilliam Yeager did in the Original Generation universe, or her return into the Shadow-Mirror to report on that dimension's progress.

From an out-of-game perspective, Original Generation 2 was released five months prior to Alpha 3, which gives some plausibility to the fan speculation, as the Shadow-Mirror plot was relatively fresh from the designer's point-of-view.