Sean Webley
Super Robot Wars Original Generation character
Voiced by Kan Tanaka
Nicknames Sean
Gender Male
Species Human
Known relatives Daitetsu Minase (Close friend)
Military History
Affiliation Earth Federation Army (OG 1/2/OGs/OGG)
Rank Major, Executive Officer (Onboard the Hiryu Custom)
Units Piloted Hiryu (Before OG), Hiryu Custom (OG 1/2/OGs/OGG)

Sean Webley is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He has appeared as a playable character in the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series. In canon, he sub-commands the Hiryu Custom battleship.

Theme SongEdit

  • Amakakeru Ryuu (Heavenly Soaring Dragon; OGs)

Personality And TraitsEdit

Like close friend, Daitetsu Minase, 55 year-old Sean Webley has carved a lifetime of officer experience in the battlefield, although his military influence is not as great as Daitetsu's. Sean enjoys drinking, just as much as his friend does, and has a habit of keeping a record of every female crew member's sizes. He even ordered Latune Subbota to keep wearing her casual outfit at all times, further fueling his odd behavior and being suspected as a pervert.


Prior to the events of Original Generation, Sean Webley served alongside Captain Daitetsu Minase aboard the Hiryu, as its executive officer. During an exploration mission, the crew encountered Aerogater Megillots, on the outskirts of Pluto. The ship suffered heavy casualties and was badly damaged, but made it safely back to Earth. Repaired and remade into the Hiryu Custom, Sean stayed onboard in his current position, with the young Lefina Enfield taking Daitetsu's place in the captain's seat.

Sean would participate over the course of Original Generation in the Divine Crusaders War and the L5 Campaign, aiding the Earth Federation to victory over the Divine Crusaders and Aerogaters.