The Schutzwald is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series.


Yellow schutzwald

Schutzwald (Yellow paint)

The Schutzwald is a somewhat bulky machine that is well armored and fitted with an assortment of heavy weaponry. This unit is given a yellow color schemes, with white accents along its extremities, while a customized unit was painted white with gray highlights.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

A Personal Trooper developed by Mao Industries, after the initial Gespenst series, the Schutzwald differed greatly from the previous Gespensts, since it is used for bombardment purposes, during the Divine Crusaders War, valuing the use of thermal power. However, due to high production costs and the difficulty of maintaining the machine, mass production of the Schutzwald was put off. Only three units exists: Unit 01 was sent to the SRX Team to gather data for its R-Series of mechs. SRX Team member Raidiese F. Branstein would field the first unit in the DC War. This unit would eventually become the prototype for the R-2. Radha Bairaban would utilize the second unit in her own custom colors in both Original Generation games. The location of the last unit is currently unknown.


Model Number: PTX-004-1 (Rai)/PTX-004-2 (Radha)/PTX-004-3

Height: 20.4 meters

【スパロボOGs】 シュッツバルト全武装

【スパロボOGs】 シュッツバルト全武装

Weight: 86.1 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 60 mm Vulcan Guns
    Mounted inside the head of the Schutzwald are a pair of small-caliber guns.
  • Plasma Sword
    A beam sword stored on the Schutzwald, in case its pilot needs to engage in melee combat.
  • Autocannons
    A pair of wrist-mounted tri-barrel automatic cannons.
  • Twin Beam Cannon
    A back-mounted system of twin-linked beam cannons.