Rushbird is a fictional mecha in the Super Robot wars series, it appears as the protagonist machine in Super Robot Wars L with Nagumo Ichitaka as its pilot and AL-3 Alice as its co-pilot.


Rushbird is a large mostly white robot with a gold trim around the shoulders, chest, on the top of its forearms which resemble birds heads, near the crotch and on the tops of the feet, the chest also has blue parts separated by a red area giving the resemblance of a birds chest, the head carries a bird design giving meaning to its name, the tops of the machines forearms carry an orange green on the right and a purple one.
When it docks with the Straybird's Illusionary Road the wings open and turn blue to match the Rushbird's color scheme.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

Developed in secret by Professor Graife, it is equipped with the Lapace Wall in the left arm which is able to absorb energy attacks and is able to discharge the energy in the right, the Lapace Wall is also capable of absorbing and converting energies from other dimensions to use as a weapon but doing so requires AL-3 access these functions and the first time she did so she was forced to shut down due to overheating.
It is also able to combine with the Straybird's Imaginary Road to allow it to draw even more power.
It was developed along with its brother unit Straybird in secret until GreaT showed up and kidnapped Professor Graife, Yuunagi gave chase in Straybird leaving Ichitaka to fend off the Katou Organization in Rushbird, after being helped by JUDA Ichitaka would fight alongside various groups that would soon be known as LOTUS, eventually Ichitaka and Yuunagi would find themselves at odds, during a confrontation between the 2 Alice unlocked one of the special functions of Rushbird, using this power Ichtaka drove Straybird back, during the battle with Proist and her incomplete Chou Maryu Dborak Ichitaka would use this power again to severely damage the behemoth.
Using this power and eventually reuniting with Yuunagi and Haruno, Ichitaka would fight alongside LOTUS against the various factions and eventually defeat the forces of GreaT.


Height: 42.0 m

Weight: 220.0 t

Power Scource: Dimension Converter

'Pilot(s): Nagumo Ichitaka/AL-3 Alice


  • Maser Eye:
    Rushbird fires a beam out of its eyes at its target.
  • Lightning Fist:
    Rushbird forms a field on its right arm and strikes the target so hard it drives it into the ground, Rushbird then pulls the target out and punches the target away.
  • Light Blazer:
    Rushbird fires a massive beam from its right arm at its target.
  • Dimension Storm:
    Rushbird draws in a massive amount of energy into itself and fires it from both arms.
  • Mode: Archeonis:
    Rushbird's ultimate attack, Straybird sends its Illusionary Road to Rushbrid, then using both it and the Lapace Wall Rushbird draws upon a massive amount of energy which it then uses to cloak itself and rushes at the target with such speed that it drives the target into outer space.


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