Rio Mei Long (リオ・メイロン, Rio Meiron; pinyin: Mùróng Liú) is a fictional character from the Super Robot Wars series. In Original Generation canon, she pilots the AM Gunner.


Rio appears in the following games:

Rio also appears in the following anime:

  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspectors

Theme SongsEdit

  • Vanishing Trooper - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK II in Alpha
  • Ace Attacker - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK III in Alpha and Original Generation 2
  • Koutetsu no Cockpit (The Steel Cockpit) - Used when piloting the Grungust Type-2 in Alpha
  • Ware ni Teki Nashi (None Can Oppose Me) - Used when piloting the RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh in Alpha
  • Right and Kind - Default theme music in Original Generations.
  • Justice Girl - Default theme music in Original Generation Gaiden.

Personality And TraitsEdit

A persistent, young woman, who doesn't like to be beaten in battle and have her mistakes pointed out by others, 18-year old Rio Mei Long is a cheerful, competitive person, with a strong sense of justice. Her persistence comes from her personality of believing that what she says is always right. Rio longed to be a Personal Trooper pilot, and would spend time in the PT simulator, when she's off duty as a bridge operator of the Hagane, training to become an actual pilot.

When Rio meets Divine Crusaders member Ryoto Hikawa, who later defects to the Earth Federation Army, she dislikes him for his awkwardness, but comes to see him differently as time passes. She develops a one-sided rivalry with Ryoto, and her competitive nature kicked in when she becomes a test pilot, just like he does, after Original Generation, when the two of them are recruited to work in Mao Industries.

Rio is actually a Psychodriver, and while her abilities are not as potent as other Psychodrivers, Ingram Prisken thought she had enough potential and arranged for her assignment aboard the Hagane, and later re-assigning her to full combat duty as a Personal Trooper pilot.


Rio Mei Long first appeared on the Hagane as a bridge operator, quickly befriending members of the new SRX Team. Midway during the Divine Crusaders War, she would train with Irmgult Kazahara in the simulators, and would participate in her first battle against a small Divine Crusaders detachment, aimed at sinking the Hagane. The enemy unit would be destroyed, except for a lone Lion unit and its pilot, which the crew of the Hagane would detain. This pilot, Ryoto Hikawa, would earn Rio's attention of being a naive, weak person, after witnessing the downed Lion self-destruct, though she would indirectly influence him to defect from the Divine Crusaders, after a brief conversation. As the war drove on, Rio would continue to sortie out and fight the Divine Crusaders, as well as the Aerogaters, during the .In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, Rio pilots a Personal Trooper only twice: during her first sortie against the Divine Crusaders and during Operation SRW against the Aerogaters. The rest of her duties lie on the bridge of the Hagane.

In Original Generation 2, Rio, alongside Ryoto, Radha Bairaban, Arado Balanga and Ring Mao, escaped Mao Industries with the new Huckebein MK III and Wild Wurger, when the Inspectors attacked the facilities on the moon. To buy time for their escape, Rio launches in the AM Gunner, and eventually combines with the Huckebein MK III, piloted by Ryoto, into the Huckebein MK III Gunner, fending off the Inspectors and successfully escaping to the Earth. Rio would continue to pilot the AM Gunner over the course of the war with the Inspectors, Shadow-Mirror and the Einst.

Rio returns to her bridge operator duties in Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation.