Mugen no Frontier Reiji Arisu
Name Reiji Arisu
Age 24
Appearances Namco x Capcom
Mugen no Frontier
Mugen no Frontier EXCEED
Seiyuu Kazuhiko Inoue

Reiji Arisu (有栖・零児) is an agent of the Shinra organization on Earth who first debuted in the action/tactical RPG Namco x Capcom for the Playstation 2 as one of its protagonists.

Namco x CapcomEdit

Mugen no FrontierEdit

After the events of Namco x Capcom, Reiji and Xiaomu were still chasing Saya. After Saya had escaped to the Endless Frontier, he and Xiaomu decided to follow using the flux.

After arriving in Mirabilis Castle, they had a run in with Haken and co. After Haken defeated the two, they both explained the events leading up to their battle and what both groups were after.

Reiji and Xiaomu then teamed up with Haken not only to find a way back home but to bring Saya back home with them.

Mugen no Frontier EXCEEDEdit


Chirai Shunrai no Kata - A series of slashes with lightning-katana "Chirai."

Karin Ichi no Kata - A series of slashes with Flame-katana "Karin," launching foes with a swing of his weapons case.

Nichou Jyugondou - Juggles the foe with a series of blasts from his shotgun "Hollywood" and magnum "Gold."

Nitou Denkosekka - Slash the foe with both Chirai and Karin before lauching them with a ball of lightning.

Karin Rei no Kata - An aerial combo with Karin and Gold.

Battou Ougi Shinra Banshou - Reiji's ultimate. Xiamou seals the target in a sphere before Reiji unleashes a series of attacks. Ends with a single slash from Xiamou's blade.

Jyuu no Kata Kiwame - Reiji and Xiamou hit up to four targets with a storm of bullets.

Arisu Ura Kimon Kaihou - Reiji slashes with Karin to create a strange black vacuum in the air. Effects are currently unknown.

Nitou Ichijin- Reiji's support. Launches a combo with Chirai and Karin.

Video GalleryEdit


His character was based on Kyosuke Nanbu.

One of his weapons, Chiljido, is named after the Korean-made Seven-Branched Sword which is a national treasure of Japan.

Fitting with the fairy tale theme in the game, he is a reference to Alice in Wonderland, as a stranger from another world. Even their names are similar (Arisu/Alice), and the name of his theme song is a pun on the Japanese translation of Alice in Wonderland.

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