Real Personal Trooper Type-1, known better as R-1, is a fictional giant robot from the Japanese video game series Super Robot Wars. This mecha has appeared in Shin SRW, Super Robot Wars Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, as well as Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, their remake Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden. R-1 Altered for the Banpreios project has been mentioned, but has not yet appeared in any games.


The R-1's design is reminiscent of a Gundam in both body shape and overall color scheme, being predominantly white with blue, red, and yellow mixed throughout.  Its head sports a "rabbit ear" configuration and a solid faceplate along with a yellow hexagonal plate on its forehead with no V-fin, distinguishing it from a Gundam.  On the R-1's waist is its pair of G-Revolvers, and its back sports a pair of small white wings.  R-1's shield is predominantly blue and yellow, consisting of the mask and Z.O. Sword of the SRX.  In R-Wing form the shield becomes the nosecone of the R-1 while the legs fold over and the arms underneath with the G-Revolvers pointing forwards.

Technical and historicalEdit

The SRX Project spawned in an attempt to counter existing threats to the Earth required a set of robots to combine to form the mighty machine that would become Super Robot Type-X (SRX), to which it would become the inner chest and head. This began the development of the R-Series mecha.


Height: 19.1 meters

Weight: 50.2 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Gatling Gun x 2
    Two rapidly firing machine guns mounted on the R-1's head. They're not very effective on Personal Troopers and similar sized enemies, but they're good for destroying small fighters and ground targets.
  • Cold Metal Knife/Steel Knife x 2
    A PT-sized knife made of steel, and the primary close range weapon of the R-1's default weapons loadout, stored behind its shoulders. It's capable of taking out enemy PT's with ease.  During most games the R-1 only wields one knife, but in 2nd Original Generations it wields both.
  • Anti-Air Missile x 6
    Only usable in R-Wing mode. The R-Wing houses several missiles designed to take out aerial targets.
  • Giant Revolver x 2
    Often shorted to 'G-Revolver', these two pistols fire large bullets and are the R-1's primary ranged weapons. They are capable of being used at the same time, and can be used in R-Wing mode. While looking like revolvers, they hold significantly more than six shots each and can be fired rapidly.
  • Boosted Rifle x 1
    A sniper rifle-like weapon that fires solid rounds at a high velocity. It's capable at being used at a long range, and can pierce right through targets.
  • T-Link Knuckle x 2
    The R-1's hands can be reinforced with energy drawn from the T-Link System, both preventing damage to the R-1 and increasing striking power when used for a punch attack.  Further energy can be concentrated into a fist and released in a burst once contact has been made to punch cleanly through an opponent.
  • T-Link Sword x1
    The R-1's ultimate attack, developed by Ryusei.  T-Link energy is concentrated between the R-1's hands into the form of an ornate sword, which rather than wielded is thrown at the target like a javelin.  The R-1 can manipulate the sword's flight path with its hands, and once the blade pierces its target its telekinetic energy is released in a powerful destructive burst.
  • R-Formation
    A combination attack with R-2 Powered and R-3 Powered wherein each uses their signature weapons on the target - usually the R-2 Powered's Hi-Zol Launchers, the R-3 Powered's Strike Shields, and the R-1's T-Link Knuckle - in a synchronized assault.  In 2nd Original Generations the attack begins with the R-2 Powered firing its Hi-Zol Launchers in their burst configuration while R-3 Powered launches its Strike Shields, R-1 changing into R-Wing and flying under the R-2's covering fire.  The R-3's Strike Shields follow the Hi-Zol Launcher barrage by striking and then pinning the target down, while R-Wing flies overhead and goes into a stall to flip downward.  R-Wing forms a barrier of T-Link energy around itself in a replication of the ART-1's T-Link Crash Sword attack and dives through the target, transforming back into R-1 on the other side and landing next to its allies to strike a group pose.
  • T-Link Double Knuckle
    A combination attack with Mai Kobayashi's ART-1 using motion data developed by Latune Subota, taking advantage of the nearly identical systems the two machines possess.  Both R-1 and ART-1 change into their R-Wing configurations and approach the target while firing off their Anti-Air Missiles, R-1 pulling ahead to circle the target and deliver a one-two punch of its T-Link Knuckle that knocks it forward into the ART-1's oncoming T-Link Chain Knuckle.  The Chain Knuckle knocks the target back into R-1, which delivers an upward side thrust kick to knock it into the air.  Changing back into R-Wing it pursues, followed by ART-1, and the two fire their G-Revolvers to pummel the target further before pulling past it once more and transforming as they circle each other.  R-1 and ART-1 charge their T-Link Knuckles at the same time and combine them into a larger strike, punching through the opponent and flying away from the ensuing explosion.


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