The Razangriff is a heavy ground mecha used by the Shadow-Mirror. It first appeared in Super Robot Wars Advance.


The Razangriff, where Angriff is German for attack, is best described as a walking red tank with arms. It is painted mostly in red, with green-tinted cockpit panels and whitish gray highlights. It has a bulky, heavily armored appearance, designed to survive hits and return fire. The Lazangriff is equipped with various missiles, a main cannon, a hand-held shield (available only in Advance), a beam coat, a missile jammer, and a mecha-sized knife for use in emergencies or close combat.

The Razangriff is Type-34 of the Valkyrie series of machines developed from the Fylgia hovertank. Its design is based on the RGV-30 Randgrith and assigned the RGC-034 model number. It can be utilized by both character pilots and generic "grunt" pilots of the Shadow-Mirror. In Original Generations, the playable Laz Angriff will utilize a new flight pack, giving the Laz Angriff a new designation and codenamed the Laz Angriff Raven.


Height: 20.6 Meters

Weight: 105.2 Tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Scissor Knife

A survival knife scaled for use by a Personal Trooper, used to slash at enemies. In Advance, the animation features one slash, while in Original Generation 2, there are two slashes.

  • Linear Missile Launcher

A handheld four-barrelled rotary missile launcher. In Advance, the Laz Angriff utilizes two Linear Missile Launchers to attack. This was cut down to one in Original Generation 2, to allow the weapon to be used by other mecha.

  • Matrix Missile

Mounted on the machine's shoulders, this weapon fires two missile containers, which break open to scatter smaller warheads at long-distance targets.

  • Phalanx Missile

This particular weapon is used to lay down a barrage of missiles in an area designated by the pilot. The missiles are accurate enough to deliver maximum damage concentrated on a single target, which was usable in Advance. However, Original Generation 2 changed the Phalanx Missile attack to a MAP weapon, capable of striking multiple enemy units.

  • F-Solid Cannon

The Razangriff extends a shoulder-mounted cannon to its full length and fires a high-powered round of energy at its target. The range for this cannon is greater than that of a battleship's main gun. The F in F-Solid Cannon stands for "Folding", as the barrel is folded back when the weapon is not in use.

Notable PilotsEdit

Axel Almer of the Shadow Mirror deployed in Razangriff in Original Generation 2, when his Soulgain was still under repair. Yuuki Jaggar, formerly of the Neo Divine Crusaders, pilots a Laz Angriff as his starting unit, when he becomes a playable character. In Original Generations, fulfilling secret conditions allows Yuuki to use an upgraded form of the robot, Razangriff Raven.


Like most units created by the Shadow-Mirror, the Razangriff has a self-destruct option called Code ATA, which stands for "Ashes To Ashes."

Video GalleryEdit


  • The Razangriff's name was changed to Rathgrith in the English version. However, the Rathgrith is actually the Type-33 Valkyrie. While it has never made an appearance yet, the Type-33Kai Rathgrith Custom (Kai is Japanese Kanji character 改; in English, it means "modified") was used by Selene Meneth in Super Robot Wars 64. While the Laz Angriff shares the same red color scheme with the Rathgrith Custom, their equipment is completely different.
  • The name of the Rathgrith is also the name of one of the many valkyries of Norse mythology.

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