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Radha Bairaban
Super Robot Wars character
Voiced by Rei Sakuma (Japanese)
Gender Female
Species Human
Nationality Indian
Military History
Affiliation Earth Federation Army (OG 1/2/OGs),
Aggressors (After OG 2/OGs)
Rank N/A
Units Piloted Schutzwald (OG 1/2/OGs)

Radha Bairaban is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she pilots a Schutzwald.


Radha has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Hanen no Asana (Asana of Destructive Aura) - Default theme in OGs.

Personality And TraitsEdit

27 years old. She works as a staff member at Mao Industries. She's a yoga expert and the other pilots fear her for it, since she went as far as to force yoga lessions on them.


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