Radha Bairaban
Super Robot Wars character
Voiced by Rei Sakuma (Japanese)
Gender Female
Species Human
Nationality Indian
Military History
Affiliation Earth Federation Army (OG 1/2/OGs),
Aggressors (After OG 2/OGs)
Rank N/A
Units Piloted Schutzwald (OG 1/2/OGs)

Radha Bairaban is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she pilots a Schutzwald.


Radha has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Hanen no Asana (Asana of Destructive Aura) - Default theme in OGs.

Personality And TraitsEdit

27 years old. She works as a staff member at Mao Industries. She's a yoga expert and the other pilots fear her for it, since she went as far as to force yoga lessions on them.


In the past, she was a test subject in the researchs of Dr.Cuervo about mind-machine interfaces, precursors of both the GEIM system and T-Link system. Cuervo later decides to release her of being a laboratory subject and made her his companion. Later she joins Mao Industries, where she specialicez in tuning the special interfaces in the mechs, as the huckebein mk-II´s t-link system. She first appears during the DC war with Gilliam Yager, trying to send supplies to the Mao Industries´s moon facility. She was piloting a Schutzwald, a customized genspent Mk-II M designed for bombarding and long range combat. She joins the hiryu custom in the travel to the moon and participates in the confrontations with the Troye unit. She helps Tasuku to convert the Giganscudo cockpit to a standart PT one. After that she helps msg.Bullet to domain the huckebein mk-II.

She takes part in the final combat between the hiryu and the UCC. Then she joins the hagane with the hiryu for the last battles with the DC. When the Valsion Custom that was controlling princess shine was inmovilized, Major Ingram ordered her to convert the cockpit of the unit to use it agains the Aerogaters.