The RGZ-91 Re-GZ (Refined Gundam Zeta) is a prototype transformable mobile suit, based off of data from the MSZ-006R Zeta Plus R. The unit was featured in the anime movie Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and also featured in the OVA series Gundam Unicorn.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Re-GZ was an attempt from Anaheim Electronics to mass produce the MSZ-006R Zeta Plus R from the Gryps Conflict and the First Neo-Zeon War. The transformation mechanism was considered too costly to mass produce, and removed in favor of a special Back Weapon System (BWS), which the Re-GZ was able to dock with to change to a Waverider-like form. Because the weapons of the Re-GZ cannot function when docked, the BWS is armed with additional beam weapons and missile launchers. Despite these changes, it was later decided that the Re-GZ was too expensive for mass production, so the project was canceled with a single prototype completed.


  • Super Robot Taisen Z Re-GZ00:30

    Super Robot Taisen Z Re-GZ

    Re-GZ in Super Robot Wars Z

    Vulcan Gun
  • 2-tube Grenade Launcher
  • Beam Saber
  • Shield (3-slot Hand Grenade Rack)
  • Beam Cannon
  • Missile Launchers
  • Beam Rifle

System FeaturesEdit

  • Back Weapon System (BWS)


In UC 0093 the Re-GZ prototype was assigned to the Londo Bell task force, which currently assigned to fight against the Neo-Zeon army led by Char Aznable. The first person to pilot the Re-GZ was the famous One Year War veteran Amuro Ray, who used the suit in the failed attempt to stop the asteroid Fifth Luna from hitting the Earth. He fights against cyber-newtype Gyunei Guss in his MSN-03 Jagd Doga and Char in his MSN-04 Sazabi. Afterwards, the Re-GZ is assigned to squadron leader Kayra Su, who is defeated, and later killed, by Gyunei Guss. During this battle, the Re-GZ also loses its right arm and leg. After being brought back to the Londo Bell flagship Ra Cailum, the still-damaged Re-GZ is finally used by young Londo Bell officer Chan Agi, who uses the suit to fight against Quess Paraya in the massive mobile armor NZ-333 Alpha Azieru. During the battle, accidentally she fires a missile at the Azieru's cockpit, killing Quess and destroying the Alpha Azieru. Because of this, Hathaway Noa, who was in love with Quess and also trying to persuade her to defect, used the beam rifle of his RGM-89 Jegan to destroy the Re-GZ, killing Chan. Another Re-GZ was built and is also stationed on the Ra Cailum during the events of the Laplace Incident in Gundam Unicorn.

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