The PTX-GT Guarbein MkIII

The PTX-GT Guarbein MkIII is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared in the anime Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector. In its initial appearances, the Guarbein replaces the RTX-011R Hückebein MkIII Trombe


The Guarbein MkIII is visually identical to the Hückebein MkIII R, with a few exceptions: Rather than the Gundam-style V-Fin typical of Huckebeins, its head has the distinctive crest of the Guarlion, and it mounts the Guarlion's shoulder thrusters as well. Additionally, though it retains the MkIII's Graviton Rifle, it apparently lacks the Fang Slasher as well as the Huckebein MkIII's large backpack in its first appearance, though the latter is equipped to the Guarbein in its third sortie at the Tesla Reich Institute. Its colors are identical to those of the Huckebein MkIII R, with the colors of the head crest and shoulders matching those of the DCAM-006VT Guarlion Custom Trombe.

A Guarbein is seen sporting a paintjob more reminescent of the standard RTX-011 Hückebein MkIII L in episode 16, piloted by SRX Team Commander Viletta Vadim. This is in fact the very same Guarbein that was previously piloted by Rätsel, having been repainted following his acquisition of the Aussenseiter.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

In episode 7, Ryoto Hikawa stated in a conversation that the MkIII had been cancelled in order to prioritize completion of the EX, presumably referring to the Hückebein MkIII, which had been seen as blueprints in Episode 26 of Divine Wars, and the Exbein, which appeared in the following episode. While stored onboard the Space Noah-class supercarrier Kurogane , the incomplete MkIII was finished using parts scavenged from Rätsel Feinschmeker's Guarlion Trombe, primarily its head and shoulders. The shoulders each equip a Tesla Drive and thermonuclear jet engine, and there is a phased-array radar system mounted in its head. Because it retains the Guarlion's shoulders, it is capable of using the Sonic Breaker, though it uses the G-Territory in lieu of the Guarlion's Break Field.

In Episode 9, when the Inspector Vigaji attacked the Tesla Licht Institute, Rätsel arrived piloting the Guarbein MkIII Trombe. Vigagi commented that Rätsel's camouflage couldn't fool him, referring to the Guarbein and alluding to the machine being a thinly-disguised Huckebein MkIII. As Vigaji is known to break the Fourth Wall (In the same scene he pushes down Rätsel's cut-in screen with his hand), it was at first unknown whether he was referring to the in-canon status of the machine or if the line was simply a narration gag referring to its design. However, Episode 10 notes posted on the official site have confirmed that the Guarbein MkIII Trombe is indeed built from the Hückebein MkIII.

The Guarbein MkIII Trombe would subsequently sortie alongside Sanger Zonbolt's black Grungust Type-3 and Guilliam Yeager's Gespenst Type-RV against the Shadow Mirror forces. Its next appearance would be in Episode 15, when he and Sanger launch together to liberate the Tesla Reich Institute from Vigaji and collect the two machines left for them by Dr. Bian Zoldark: "Double G", the Dynamic General Guardians. This time it would launch equipped with the Hückebein MkIII's missile-carrying backpack, though not use them. As Rätsel obtains the Aussenseiter at this point, he no longer uses the Guarbein.

The next appearance of the Guarbein MkIII would be in episode 16, this time piloted by SRX Team Commander Viletta Vadim. By this time the Guarbein no longer sports Rätsel's trademark black-and-red paint scheme, and instead has colors reminescent of the Hückebein MkIII L, with the head crest colored white.


Being based on the Huckebein MkIII, the Guarbein MkIII has similar weapons, though at this time it has only made use of the Graviton Rifle and G-Territory. It also can equip the MkIII's missile-laden backpack, and is capable of docking with the Gunner Frame.

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Weapons Systems:

  • Graviton Rifle
The Guarbein MK III carries a forearm-mounted Graviton Rifle with it for using great firepower on any opponent. It is basically a scaled-down version of the G-Impact Cannon, smaller and much less powerful, but can fire more frequently as a result.
  • G-Territory
    A powerful energy barrier is generated in front of the Guarbein, which can be used to defend against enemy attacks or ram an opponent's unit
  • Multi-Trace Missile
    There are missile launchers mounted on the pods on the mech back. The missiles can be fired to create an area saturation effect to hit multiple enemies at once.

Combat Maneuvers:

  • Sonic Breaker
Similar to the signature attack of the Guarlion. Instead of the usual Sonic Breaker field however, the Guarbein uses it's G-Territory field.