The Org-Valu (オーグ=バリュー ) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears in Super Robot Wars F Final and 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation as playable unit but it returns as enemy unit in Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers.

Technical and HistoricalEdit

This is one of the 3 custom Machines used by the Guest Generals and is Zebris "Zeb" Forschwa's personal machine, it was built based off the Liege Geios and out of the 3 it has the most balanced combat capabilities.It is equipped with an abdomen mounted Barrel Missile and Giga Blaster, it also carries a hand held Long Laser Sword but unlike its predecessor it's fashioned more like a beam saber then the Liege Geios's version. And mounted on each of the shoulders are powerful cannons that can be used for 3 of the Org-Valu's most devastating weapon attacks. The first is the Plasma Leader, which can create a localized plasma storm in a contained area. The next is the Twin Driver Cannon and lastly is the devastating Gein Shooter which bombards an enemy unit with a massive amount of plasma energy.

Zeb used this machine several times against the Kouryu Sentai, but after Zezenan's deception is revealed, Zeb and the other Guest Generals, Grofis "Rof" Lacrein and Justine "Seti" Chafrois assist the Hiryu Kai team in bringing him down. Later he helps Team Hierba hold Kebarok's forces back until Shu Shirakawa arrived.


Height: 38m

Weight: 97.8t

Pilot: Zebris "Zeb" Forschwa

Weapon Systems:

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