Nezeria (Nezelia) is a Fictional robot that appears in the Super Robot Wars series, it will appear as a playable mecha in the upcoming game Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin F Coffin of The End.


It appears similar to Ismile but is a dark violet with red and white highlights as opposed to Ismile's dull grey and green.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The successor to Ismile developed by Tudy Lasm Ikunart and is blessed with the protection of the low rank spirit Nezemel.
The  machines overall performance is lower then that of it's predecessor and lacks the insane regeneration due to the fact that the same dangerous technologies and alchemical techniques that were used in Ismile's creation were omitted however it's combat and defensive capabilities are still fairly high.


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Armor Material: Orichalconium

Main Power Source: "Furukaneri" Class Eternal Engine

Pilot: Tudy Lasm Ikunart


  • Mega Beam Cannon:
    Nezeria aims its Katar weapon at the enemy at its target and it opens up and fires a rmassive red beam at its target.
  • Pragmatic Blade:
    Nezeria launches a Karz wave to immobilize its target then creates a massive beam sword with its Katar weapon, Nezeira then preforms a back hand slash then a forehand slash then cleaves the target in twine with an overhead slash.
  • Buster Cannon:
    Nezeria takes aim with its back cannons and fires 2 massive beams annihilating the target.
  • Phantasma Blast
    Nezeria jabs its Katar weapon into the ground to summon spirits of darkness then begins to float in the air, then a ball of light raises to the sky and summons spirits of light, then gathering the spirits of light in its left hand and darkness in the right and then with the combined will of both Tudy and Wendy throws both at the target, the orbs of light and darkness lift the target into the air and with one last motion from Nezeria the orbs explode into a black and white blast, Nezeria thne turns around and flies away.


Video GalleryEdit

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